WWE Raw 7/2/18 – Roman Pulls Double Duty

A replay of the Revival beating Roman and Lashley and the Dolph-Seth match are shown to start things off. Roman comes out and cuts a promo on Bob and since Kurt doesn’t want that at the PPV, he wants it tonight. Dolph and Drew come out with Dolph making a slew of good points about Roman’s character being greedy. Dolph says that since Roman wants everything to be about him, then they’ll beat him up. They do so and Seth makes a save. Seth and Roman want a match against them tonight, but Kurt makes it for next week since Bob and Roman have to face the Revival again – but then makes the match anyway. Matt comes out and then the B Team does an impression of Matt and Bray on the tron. Axel beats Matt with his finisher. Wow has Matt’s stock re-fallen as a solo act.

Braun and Alexa plug Ant-Man and the Wasp. Seth and Roman chat before Bob says that Roman has HUGE BRASS ONES saying he’s an egomaniac. Dr. Shelby returns to help Sasha and Bayley at counseling – which gets wacky sitcom music. He introduces them to the “friend zone” and his seven tenets of friendship. AOP destroys Titus Worldwide, with Titus losing instead of Apollo for a change. KO comes to the buildiing and refuses to check is car in with a valet – and with a porta-john nearby, I can’t blame him. Seth and Roman face Drew and Dolph. Drew works wonderfully against both guys, and his headbutt is one of the best out there. Seth plays Ricky Morton agaisnt them, and it works wonderfully with the crowd going absolutely insane when he almost gets a chance to tag in. He almost gets it, but the Revival gets involved for a DQ.

KO’s car skit is shown now, instead of before KO comes in traumatized by it. Kurt talks to KO and says it sounds like he wants to face Braun – but KO says he really needs therapy. KO vs. Braun is made tonight, but Corbin comes out to talk about his issues with Balor. Finn comes out and calls him Steph’s stooge before Baron slugs him. Elias sings and Liv and Logan knock over things in the metal pipe district. A garbage can full of things is knocked over as is a guardrail – but nothing fell out of the can, so it can be set back up in about 10 seconds alongside the guardrail. WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END!? Cole talks about all of the MAYHEM they cause backstage before Liv faces Ember. Ember beats her quickly with the eclipse.

Back at therapy, Sasha wants to leave. They do terrible of impressions of each other while of course wearing WWE-related merch to this session. They bicker and we get an ’80s TV show freeze frame ending of him being pushed over the limit with a To Be Continued graphic. Lashley and Roman face the Revival, with Roman doing the bulk of the work and refusing to tag in. Lashley comes in and makes a save, but Roman gets beaten up a ton by the Revival and they get DQed for kicking too much ass. Shatter Machine and splashes hit Roman as Lashley leaves because he’s sick of Roman’s crap. Fans chant “one more time” to this beating. Team Hell No reunion is recapped.

Roman wants Lashley at the PPV, and Angle makes the match. Mojo beats up the conga line and destroys Jose too. Ronda says that she is suspended, but she’ll buy a ticket to Extreme Rules. Nia comes out and insults Mickie before bringing Nattie out. Nia beats her with a Samoan drop and Alexa is of course terrified. Jinder tells KO to calm down and Lashley says that he’ll turn Roman’s yard into a concrete patch in a trailer park. KO vs. Braun features KO leaving and going to said porta john, and Braun finds him, tapes the door shut, and carries him around in it. He brings this thing all the way into the ringside area and shoulder tackles it off the ramp – getting a “holy shit: chant. KO comes out it covered in blue – so apparently, it was a porta-john for Smurf village.

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