DC Comics Universe & Batman #50 Spoilers: The Letters Catwoman & Batman Wrote To Each Other Plus The BIG Surprise Cliffhanger At The End That Wasn’t Spoiled Earlier?

DC Comics Universe and Batman #50 Spoilers follow.

The Letters Catwoman and Batman Wrote To Each Other Plus The BIG Cliffhanger Surprise At The End That Wasn’t Spoiled Earlier?

Batman #50, the promised wedding between Batman and Catwoman, of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, includes a journey through their shared past through their different eras, costumes and mindsets from the time they met. There are also several artists that support Tom King’s story through single pages of art that tell their love story through letters they wrote to each other.

After they change into their respective wedding dress and wedding tuxedo, they sneak a peek at each other and embrace in front of Selina’s friend Holly Robinson and Bruce’s father figure Alfred Pennyworth.

Holly Robinson and Selina Kyle then go back and get ready and Holly remarks that she through Batman needed misery to be the Dark Knight echoing what the Joker sad last issue; that Batman can’t be happy to be a successful hero.

Holly and Selina get in the car and drive…

…in a different direction than Alfred and Bruce.

Bruce Wayne / Batman letter to Catwoman / Selina Kyle ends in a commitment of love…

…while hers to him also talks about love, but that Batman is an “engine that turns pain into hope”; she literally walks away from their wedding altar!

Catwoman leaves Gotham City for adventures in Catwoman #1 while…

…Batman leaves the scene of the wedding to prepare for what’s next in Batman #51.

The book’s surprise cliffhanger ends with Holly Robinson updating Bane about Catwoman and Batman with Bane remarking that Batman is broken from being jilted; an emotional breaking from the man that physically broke Batman’s back years earlier.

Is Holly a willing ally of Bane or insane or both or something else? Also, who are the villains around Bane. They appear to be from left to right:

    • The Riddler
    • The Joker
    • The Psycho Pirate
    • Bane
    • Gotham Girl
    • The Ventriloquist with presumably his puppet Scarface
    • Someone who Appears to be the Flashpoint Batman aka Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father, from a dead timeline???
    • Dr. Hugo Strange

And, that’s that for Batman #50.

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