Marvel Comics Universe & X-Men Gold #31 Spoilers: How Do Colossus & Kitty Pryde Leave Things After Their Cancelled Wedding & More?!

Marvel Comics Universe and X-Men Gold #31 Spoilers follows.

How Do Colossus and Kitty Pryde Leave Things After Their Cancelled Wedding and More?!

After being left at the altar by Kitty Pryde…

…Colossus decides to leave the X-Men Gold team…

…joining the Astonishing X-Men. They still love each other, but for Colossus that hurts even more knowing they can’t be together.

Colossus leaves, but we discover this scene was a flashback by an older Kitty Pryde from the Days of Future Past future where mutants are hunted and killed.

In the future Kitty Pryde and Colossus are a team and have their own “fastball special”.

Older Kitty Pryde appears also to be pregnant, but Colossus dies after that revelation…

…at the hands of a hunter whose hound is Rachel Grey the wife of Nightcrawler!

Rachel appears to kill Cyclops, but…

…this isn’t the future at all, but Rachel Grey’s mind playing tricks on her at the hands of Mesmero?!


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