DC Comics Universe Spoilers: Superman #1, Wonder Woman #50, Batman In Detective Comics #984, Flash War Part 4 In The Flash #50 & Hawkman #2 Out This Week

DC Comics Universe Spoilers follow for the hot books this week!

Solicit teases and final covers below.

(1) Batman and the Outsiders in Detective Comics #984.

      (W) Bryan Hill (A) Miguel Mendonca (CA) Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira

      “On the Outside” Part two. Batman wanted Black Lightning involved in the lives of his protégés-but how involved was the Dark Knight thinking? What kind of missions will Jefferson Pierce take them on? And what, exactly, is he whispering in their ears about Batman himself?

      In Shops: Jul 11, 2018
      SRP: $2.99

(2) Superman relaunches in Superman #1.

      SUPERMAN #1
      (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Joe Prado, Ivan Reis

      A bold new chapter for the greatest superhero of all time begins here as the superstar team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Ivan Reis begin their run on the all-new SUPERMAN! The fallout from the Man of Steel miniseries has Clark Kent looking at the world through new eyes… with new ideas about what Superman could and should do for the city of Metropolis and the planet Earth. His first job? Getting the planet back out of the Phantom Zone!

      In Shops: Jul 11, 2018
      SRP: $3.99

(3) Dark Gods arc ends in milestone Wonder Woman #50.

      WONDER WOMAN #50
      (W) James Robinson (A/CA) Jesus Merino

      A new pantheon of gods has been born! But who are they? Where did they come from? What do they want? All questions for Wonder Woman, because she played more of a role in their arrival than you’d think! Will it fall to Diana to end their existence as well? Meanwhile, Wonder Woman’s brother Jason learns his true purpose. It’s all here in this extra-sized anniversary issue!

      In Shops: Jul 11, 2018
      SRP: $3.99

(4) The Flash War comes to an end in The Flash #50?

      THE FLASH #50
      (W) Joshua Williamson (A/CA) Howard Porter

      The lightning-fueled finale of “Flash War”! Zoom adapts two new Speed Force powers into his arsenal against both Barry Allen and Wally West. What are these strange new powers? What can they do? And how will this haunt the Scarlet Speedster long after “Flash War” is over? It’s the power of two Flashes pitted against the seemingly unstoppable Hunter Zolomon!

      In Shops: Jul 11, 2018
      SRP: $3.99

(5) Hawkman Rebirth and the Justice Society (JSA) Rebirth continues in Hawkman #2?

      HAWKMAN #2
      (W) Robert Venditti (A) Bryan Hitch (CA) Stejpan Sejic

      Carter Hall is Hawkman, the resurrected warrior who’s lived a thousand lifetimes. But what happens when one of those past lives comes looking for him? Deepening the mystery is an ancient parchment in alien hieroglyphics, revealing that an unexpected familiar name is on Earth hunting the Hawkman. The past must die for the future to live!

      In Shops: Jul 11, 2018
      SRP: $3.99

So, what are your hot picks from DC this week?

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