WWE Raw 7/9/18 Recap – Drew and Seth steal the show

A video recap showcases the issues between Roman and Lashley. Backstage, Roman and Lashley go back and forth with Roman getting a “Let’s Go Roman!” chant. Roman comes out to boos, while Lashley gets a mild reaction. Kurt wants no physicality, but they brawl and the roster of geeks comes out and separates them until Roman dives onto the pile. Mickie and Alexa watch TV at a 90 degree angle as you do, and talk about how Alexa will do more damage to Nattie and Nia tonight. Nia destroys Mickie with the legdrop to win, but Alexa attacks with a kendo stick. Nia grabs it and chases her away.

Braun is shown tossing KO off the ramp in the portajohn. KO comes in to meet with Kurt and says he can survive anything and he can’t be fired. Kevin gives him a doctor’s note that says he can’t compete, but he’s still here and he’ll hang out in his office since it’s safe. Mojo has an entirely too long match with No Way Jose that Mojo wins with an Alabama Slam. Bayley talks about Sasha being selfish, which is true. Seth walks backstage and bumps into Jinder, who talks about being calm. Seth comes down to talk about wanting the IC Title again before Dolph talks about bringing a giant psycho in Drew with him to the PPV. Seth questions Drew’s toughness letting Dolph boss him around and makes a pretty nasty joke about Drew and sheep that wasn’t needed. Drew issues a challenge for later tonight – so he’s mad, but not so mad to just kick his ass now.

More B-Team comedy backstage leads to them doing this same stuff mid-ring. Matt says the time for fun and games is ovah! Bo beats Matt in an overly-long match with a draping swinging neckbreaker. The B-Team is sent packing by the champs. Lashley yammers about Sunday with Renee while Liv and Logan rip up some of Tyler Breeze’s shirts because they “don’t do fashion – we riott!”. Ember Moon faces, and beats Liv in a quick match with a jacknife cradle. Roode and Balor talk about how having great abs, hair, and being unstoppable.

Drew goes to Kurt and tells him that Seth can’t beat him. Elias sings and demand that respect be shown for Constable Corbin. Corbin annoys him by demanding he sing “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, but Balor’s theme interrupts. Corbin brawls with Roode before a double-down off a lariat. Dueling tags lead to Balor running wild on Elias, but Roode works with Corbin again and falls to the End of Days. Kurt brings Braun into his office to let KO know that they’ll be in a cage match at the PPV. Braun says KO reeks of fear and sprays an aerosol on him.

Roman talks about beating Bob and moving on to bigger and better things. How, with Brock going for a UFC fight, isn’t addressed. Drew and Seth have a fantastic TV match with Seth doing a slew of dives, but Drew dominating him by grounding him. Blockbuster gets 2, but Drew avoids the stomp. Drew lands the inverted Alabama slam for 2. Big headbutt gets 2 for Drew. Drew goes for an avalanche Celtic Cross, but Seth turns it into a buckle bomb! Standing high fly flow hits for 2.5! Seth Stomps Dolph, but eats the claymore and Drew wins!

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