Impact Recap for 7/12/18 – OVE vs. Lucha Brothers and Rich Swann

The King vs. Konnan stuff is recapped showcasing the OG LAX under King and the new LAX under Konnan. Homicide and Hernandez are now known as the OGz and they destroy their opponents with a cutter off the second rope and a border toss ends it. King talks about Konnan being smart, and he’s going to be two steps ahead. He calls Konnan a liar and at the PPV, they’ll destroy LAX in a 5150 Street Fight. A profile video airs for Shotzi Blackheart, who debuts against Allie. OVE and Sami face Swann, Fenix, and Pentagon tonight in the main event. Deangelo Williams’ return is showcased. Sami talks about OVE excelling at six-man tags more than anyone else.

Shotzi Blackheart comes down and waves her flag around – she has a unique goth look. Shotzi locks her in a weird Indian deathlock variant. Allie escapes and gets an O’Connor roll for 2. Chops on the rope lead to a rope-leaning sliding D to the floor. Shotzi hits a big knee, but eats a series of forearms and a legsweep. Mssile dropkick into a German gets 2 for Allie. Allie hits the codebreaker for the win. Tessa jumps her and tosses her around. Grado chats with Eli about their match in a sold-out Wembley Arena years ago. Joe Hendry chats with them and Eli argues with Grado. Tessa talks about taking everyone out who gets in her way.

The Sami-Eddie Edwards saga gets recapped, which is made better with Tommy Dreamer tying it into his feud with Raven. A Bond-esque video airs for a new knockout. Aries cuts a promo about Moose recruiting a retired football player to help him beat Aries. Gail faces Taryn in a GWN match. Deangelo is interviewed by Josh and we get a Moose video package alongside it. Aries comes down and buries Deangelo and Moose. He says Deangelo, just like Moose, hasn’t won a championship. Aries cheapshots him with a mic and stomps him. Deangelo kicks him and gets a chair, but gets punted low by Aries and chairshots his back and stands over him.

Gama Singh meets with KM and Fallah Bahh and it looks like we’ll get them against the Desi Hit Squad. Eli beats Grado in a short match with the Gravy Train. Joe and Katarina prevent Eli from attack Grado more. Killer Kross makes scary faces in a video package. Matt Sydal chats with Alisha about him being persistent and being tougher than Brian Cage. Moose is on the phone and says that payback’s a bitch and so is Aries. Madison is interviewed about Su, but creepy things happen and Madison’s door won’t open. Riveting. OVE faces Swann and the Lucha Brothers in a fast-pace affair. Jake hits a gorgeous interception cutter on Swann. Pentagon hits Sami with a package piledriver while Fenix double stomps him for 2.9! Packag piledriver to Jake on the apron! Sami reverses a rana off the top into a super bomb and then hits a double underhook sholderbreaker for the win. Madison opens her studio door and it leads outside and she’s surrounded by Undead Bridesmaids. Okay, that was a thing.