WWE Raw 7/16/18 Recap – Two triple threat matches set up possible contenders

Masa Saito gets a tribute graphic – which is a pleasant surprise. Kurt buries Brock for not having dedication and showing minimal effort. Heyman comes out and says that Brock isn’t here and Kurt threatens to strip him of the title, but Paul tells him Brock wants to represent WWE and also be UFC Champion too. Heyman says that Brock will defend at Summerslam and now it’s just up to Kurt to find his victim. Lashley comes out, then Drew, then Seth, then Elias, then Balor, then Roman. Kurt makes a series of triple threat matches to determine a number one ontender’s match next week. The Constable is very upset by all this because he’s not in one of the matches. Drew, Roman, and Balor start things off with a star-studded opener.

Drew comes off like such a star in there with Roman and hits a gorgeous flip dive onto him. Balor double stomps the back of Drew on the floor. Standing double stomp to Roman gets 2. Roman avoids a claymore and it hits Balor. Superman punch hits Drew, as does the spear to end it. Roman MAY VERY WELL GO TO SUMMERSLAM. Oh thank heaven! Kurt chats with Bayley and says he’s done things wrong – he’ll have them team up tonight against Dana and Alicia. Dolph talks about beating Seth a bunch last night and then Roode comes down and we get a match – but Dolph won’t let it be for the title.

They proceed to have a perfectuly functional match that never gets out of first gear. Lots of chinlocks and a lot of lariats. Glorious DDT is countered into a Zig Zag, but Dolph was too tired to cover right away and it only gets 2. Superkick to the jaw ends it. Mojo mocks Roode for losing and then faces Tyler. He hits a sick Pounce and a big Alabama slam to end it. Sasha and Bayley have matching gear – but angry faces. Dana clobbers Bayley with a clothesline, but eats a flip bump to the floor. Sasha dives onto them all and it’s over by a double countout. So now Bayley and Sasha are kind of allies again.

Sasha bickers with her and says that she loves Bayley – she always has and always will. Braun’s chokeslam off the cage is shown and he says he’s got a title shot whenever he wants it. The B-Team beats the Ascension with the 3D-B and are still undefeated as the B-Team! Matt and Bray threaten deletion. Ronda’s stuff with Alexa is shown. Ronda runs down from the crowd and attacks Mickie. Ronda wants the armbar, but Kurt tells her she needs to wait things out. Kurt suspends her for one more week and Corbin says Steph won’t be happy and he’ll call her…but he left his phone in the office. Kurt stole it and says that he’ll give Ronda a match with Alexa for the title at Summerslam.

Seth says that tonight will be his night, as will next Monday, and at Summerslam, he’ll become champion. AOP destroys Titus Worldwide. The Riott Squad causes MAYHEM by stealing a conga line guy’s shades for Liv to wear. Ember faces Logan and hits a great dive. Liv distracts her and Logan gets a win. Elias sings and buries Buffalo for making him depressed. Seth and Lashley are out and work great together. This has a lot of headlocks and chinlocks, but Seth keeps the match moving. Seth hits a corner to corner buckle bomb and a run-up superplex/falcon arrow to Elias for 2.9. Lashley hits the big suplex to Seth, but a spear misses. Lashley nearly eats a stomp, but Elias interrupts and then eats a spear – so it will be Lashley vs. Roman next week.

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