SDCC 2018 & DC Comics Universe Spoilers: Aquaman Gets New Creative Team & New Direction

SDCC 2018 and DC Comics Universe Spoilers follows.

Aquaman Gets New Creative Team and New Direction.

Comicsbeat reports:

      Kelly Sue DeConnick will be writing Aquaman. Lee talked about DeConnick’s pitch, saying that it starts with a core examination on where the character comes from. Caught between land and sea with a mother that doesn’t want him, Aquaman finds when he is young that he can command sealife to come to him, but he can’t command his mother to come back. At the start of her story, Aquaman wakes up on an island with amnesia living amongst other castaways and creatures of myth that have been cast away by an angry ocean. Aquaman will have to find community and new strength in his new reality.

      DiDio emphasized that this is not a reboot on Aquaman. His continuity will remain intact, but this story will help fans to find a new way to view the character.

Robson Rocha will be on art for the series.

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