Image Rundown – 07/25/18 – Featuring The New World #1, Saga #54, Descender #32, Redneck #13 & Much More!

Welcome to Image Rundown!

Here’s a quick look at everything Image Comics is releasing this week, with highlights and quick reviews for new series and collected editions as well as good jumping-on points for new readers. Let’s get started!

New Series and Highlights

New World #1 (of 5) – Ales Kot’s new mini-series focuses on the story of two lovers post-second U.S. Civil War, year 2037. Featuring the fantastic art of Tradd Moore and Heather Moore, this is can’t-miss comics.

Descender #32 – Series finale! For now, anyway. This issue is not the end of our adventures with Tim-21, in six months Ascender will begin with a 10-year jump into the future!

Redneck #13 – The Bowman’s are back! And not doing so hot. After the events of the last arc, Bartlett is forced to turn to an old friend who he’d rather not see again, and the feeling is entirely mutual. It’s time to catch up with our favorite vampire family as the third arc starts now.

Saga #54 – Given the cover, the solicit for “season finale”, and the track record of this series, it shouldn’t be a surprise that some big news was coming this issue: what I didn’t expect was an extended hiatus! If you haven’t heard the news, BKV and Fiona announced this will be the last issue for at least a year, as they’re taking a break to “creatively recharge”. While I’m bummed at the wait, I’m glad the series has been so consistent in delivering both quality and schedule-wise. This will give me a chance to reread it all, which I’ve been wanting to do anyway, and I encourage you to pick up something you might not have picked up before in its stead.

Shanghai Red #2 (of 5) – Christopher Sebela’s new tale of a kidnapped crew certainly made a splash on the stands last month, and this issue looks to do the same. With dark and gorgeous art from Joshua Hixson and Hassan Otsmane-Elhauo, this is one you won’t want to miss.

Continuing Series

  • Gasolina #10
  • Hack/Slash Resurrection #9
  • Hit-Girl #6
  • Moonshine #12 – Arc finale!
  • Realm #8 – I finally caught up on this series, highly recommended for fans of survival stories and fantasy monsters.
  • Royal City #13 – The penultimate issue!
  • Savage Dragon #236
  • Wayward #27

Collected Editions and OGNs

Regression TPB Vol. 02 Disciples – Issues #6-10 collected!

Warframe TPB Vol. 01 – Based off the hit game of the same name, this book collects issues #1-5!


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Happy reading, everyone, and see you next week!

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