Impact Wrestling 7/27/18 – Sydal faces Cage in an X Title Rematch

Slammiversary is recapped and comes across in the recap as just a great a show as it was in real-time. Aries comes down and brags about the PPV being considered the best in company’s history and that the bar was raised for every match – and yet he still managed to top everything. Aries opens the door of Impact to anyone in any company to prove they’re the best against him. Eddie Edwards comes in and attacks with a kendo stick. Josh talks about Anthony Carelli being here while Scarlett debuts later too. Petey comes out to face Taiji Ishimori.

Ishimori grounds him with a headlock/chinlock combo, but Petey gets a flatliner. Petey eats a shotgun dropkick and shotgun knees. He goes for the 450, but Petey avoids it. Petey eats the tombstone codebreaker and a Bloody Sunday codebreaker ends it for Ishimori. Petey and Ishimori raise each other’s hands, but the Desi Hit Squad attacks them. Anthony Carelli talks about being backstage and missing the ring a bit. He talks about his student Dustin Cameron having a tryout tonight and Aries comes backstage and bullies him. Aries calls him old and broken down – but his new guy should be okay and we’ve got a match for some point later.

Rebel is out to face Tessa Blanchard. Tessa stomps her hard in the corner and lands a nasty 619 position dropkick to the spine for 2. Tessa goes for the hammerlock DDT, but Rebel gets a schoolboy for 2. Rebel hits a split gordbuster for 2 and goes for the FFG, but Tessa catches her and hits a drapping DDT and the hammerlock DDT ends it. Scarlett comes out and says she refuses to be hot-shamed and tells the interviewer to shut up because she’s a 5 and a 10 is talking. She’s the smokeshow and she’s here to make wrestling sexy again.

Cage vs. Sydal is recapped and Sydal says that he will get his shot one day and nature will make things right again. Johnny Impact is shown on a motorcycle backstage before his next match and we get a recap of Pentagon vs. Sami. Trevor Lee is out to face Johnny, who doesn’t bring a motorcycle out with him. Caleb tries to keep helping Trevor, which does no good against Johnny’s big forearm strikes. Trevor stands on the stomach in a great ’80s heel moment. Johnny hits a high kick and a corkscrew bodypress before landing a superman forearm in the corner. Johnny goes for the Countdown, but Caleb gets involved and Trevor pulls him down and mushroom stomps him for 2. Johnny filps out of a German and hits the basement knee and goes for Starship Pain, but Caleb pulls Lee out. Johnny hits the Countdown on both guys on the floor before throwing Trevor back in and winning with Starship Pain.

Johnny gets the mic and says he wants the title. Josh talks about Johnny leaving to do Survivor, and then Johnny says he left because he was hurt by Kongo Kong – so why not redo the commentary? He wants to face Kong and we see Cage with his belt. Su Yung vs. Madison is shown and Allie talks about coming up short against Tessa and at least doing her best. Allie says that Madison is gone, Rosemary is gone, and she’ll go it alone before Kiera Hogan says that she’s got her back. Young Bucks vs. Motor City Machine Guns is shown from No Surrender. Eli meets with Grado, Katarina, and Joe Hendry and gives them a gift – a photo of Joe and Kat that says “love” so Kat blames Eli right away. Poor, poor Grado.

KM and Bahh meet about Bahh’s mean streak growing. KM beats up a guy and tells Fallah to make sure he doesn’t trip over his body. Killer Kross says he’s honest and answers to no one. King meets with the OGz and calls LAX a joke. King says LAX won a battle – but they still gotta win the war. He says that 5150 is dead it’s all about the OGz and 730. OVE goes to pee and Sami forces the Crists to shave a guy’s head for looking at his bald scalp. This is some great stuff and makes them come off like bloodthirsty goons. Sydal comes down to face Cage, who doesn’t even bother wearing the belt.

Matt gets caught doing a meteora off the apron and powerbombed into the post! Cage gets spin kicked to the floor and Matt dives off the top onto the ramp and hits the shotgun knees! Muta lock is on to damage the knees a bit, but Cage escapes and slugs away. He lands a running rana and hits a pumphandle Samoan drop for 2. Sydal goes for the driver, but Cage goes for the drill claw, but Sydal snap ranas him for 2. Cage hits an F5 and gets 2.9! Sydal hits a knee and a high kick, but eats a discus lariat and the Drill Claw ends it.

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