Worlds Of DC Movies & DC Comics Universe Spoilers: Deathstroke Film Still In The Works

Worlds Of DC Movies and DC Comics Universe Spoilers follows.

Deathstroke Film Still In The Works.

Newsweek reports:

      oe Manganiello will play Slade Wilson/Deathstroke again, MTV reported Monday.

      The actor has been at San Diego Comic-Con multiple times, for the HBO series True Blood, which aired 2008 to 2014. “It was a certain type of audience,” he told MTV at this year’s convention. “Every once in a while, you get a, ‘Hey, you were Flash Thompson. Hey, you kind of belong here, but sort of not.’” That changed once he was cast as Deathstroke. Since his cameo at the end of Justice League in 2017, fans have wanted to know when they’d see Slade Wilson again.

      “I say it’s in the works because it is,” he told MTV. “There’s nothing further that I can say without speaking out of school because I’m part of a team, I’m part of a locker room. You don’t talk outside the locker room. … They want the character to happen. It’s just when he happens.” Everyone involved wants to do the character in the right way.

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