Blu-Ray Review – Breaking In

It’s always interesting to see what’s released as counter programming in the midst of the summer movie season. Breaking In, which found itself in theaters in May against the juggernaut that was Infinity War, found a big enough audience to justify a small budget.

Simple premise. Shaun (Gabrielle Union) has just buried her father and is now settling up with her estate. Going up to his state of the art home to settle the rest of his affairs, she winds up caught in the midst of a handful of burglars who think there’s a large amount of cash somewhere in there.

Trapped outside as her father’s state of the art security traps everyone else inside, including her children, Shaun now has to find a way back inside and save the day.

It’s a fairly generic thriller that’s noteworthy because Union still has a lot of acting chops that don’t get to come out. Even for a generic action thriller, which the film hits to a T, Union manages to carry the film to a much higher standard than the material warrants.

Outside of her this is fairly pedestrian as a thriller.

There’s a ton of extras buried on the disc, including an alternate opening.

Universal presents Breaking In . Directed by James McTeigue. Written by Ryan Engle. Starring Gabrielle Union, James Lopez, Craig Perry, Sheila Hanahan Taylor, Will Packer. Run Time: 88 minutes. Rated PG-13. Released on: 8.7.18

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