WWE Monday Night Raw 8/6/18 Recap – Rousey vs. Foxy

A recap of last week’s Brock events starts things off. Kurt and Baron come down to yammer before Roman comes down to talk for a while. Kurt tells Roman he hopes Roman kicks Roman’s ass, so Baron calls him unprofessional before attacking Roman when Kurt makes Roman vs. Baron. They have a long, plodding match that stays in first gear forever until Baron goes to leave – but Balor stops him. Roman superman punches Baron and then hits a running hug variant of the spear to win. Balor attacks with the foot stomp off the top. What a coward.

Roode faces Mojo, who dominates with a long reverse bearhug. Roode avoids the wacky bodyslam and hits the Glorious DDT. Can they bring back the European Title so these guys have something to fight over instead of these being treadmill matches over nothing? Elias sings with a crew and asks that the production crew should crop their faces – or do anything that helps him foreget he’s in Jacksonville. Lashley interrupts and gets jumped, but Lashley hits the delayed suplex. Drew and Dolph chat briefly backstage while announcers talk over them. Razar is out to face Titus. Titus hits a stinger splash, but eats a Ron Simmons-like spinebuster to lose.

The Kevin Owens Show hits Raw on a very oddly-placed platform near the crowd. He interviews Jinder and his goon until Braun tips over their platform. This leads to Braun vs. Jinder that goes on far too long until Braun hits Jinder with the briefcase – so Jinder wins by DQ to further the story that he can lose the case at Summerslam like this. Braun dominates the goons and we see Roman and Seth team up last night and Roman faces Dolph and Drew tonight with Seth.

A long history video package shows Brock vs. Roman and Roman talking about being the true Universal Champion. He says that no matter what, he HAS to win. Joy of joys. Dolph and Drew come out and then Baron tells Roman that Steph has taken him out of this match – so now it’s a handicap match. Seth eats a lot of offense from both guys, with Drew having fantastic chemistry with him. Seth sends Dolph over the top with a lariat and then htis a springboard lariat. Dolph superkicks Seth off a Drew save to pin Seth.

Bo and Axel come out to a new, terrible B Team theme. It’s a cheerleader-esque theme that takes any edge off them they had with Battlescars. They face the Revival until Matt and Bray get involved and replace partners on the apron and attack. Joy. Paul Heyman and Renee do a sitdown interview with him saying he considers Brock to be his friend and their kids are friends – this isn’t out he thought this is how it would end. He says Brock has never been more violent and Roman doesn’t stand a chance agaisnt THIS Brock Lesnar.

Liv and Sarah face the Boss and Hug Connection. Bayley hits a sliding larait to Logan and gets 2 off an elbow. A mysterious cloaked figure saves Liv and it’s Ruby – giving her team a win via distractin cradle. The Rousey-Alexa stuff is recapped before Alicia comes out with Alexa. Alexa cuts a promo on Ronda before she comes out and they do this new thing where they plug her merch right on the screen over the action. Alicia gets offense on Ronda in the corner, but Ronda gets the evil eyes and punches away before violently throwing her around and tapping her with the armbar. Alexa jumps her after the match and gets thrown before Ronda tells her that she can hold the belt as hard as she wants – it’s hers at Summerslam.

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