DC Comics Universe & Superman #2 Spoilers: Nuclear Man Vs. Rogol Zaar, The Flash Losing His Mind (Barry Allen Or Wally West) & More?!

DC Comics Universe and Superman #2 Spoilers follows.

Nuclear Man Vs. Rogol Zaar…

…The Flash Losing His Mind (Barry Allen Or Wally West) and More?!

The Earth has be sucked or put into the Phantom Zone by someone.

Even the Justice League is trapped in it with the rest of the world with the exception of its Green Lanterns.

We then pivot to Rogol Zaar who recaps what happened at the end of The Man of Steel and how we got into the Phantom Zone.

In it he first encountered the Nuclear Man, from the 1987 Superman IV: The Quest For Peace film, who is wearing a cape with the Shield symbol of the House of El.

Rogol Zaar battles a seemingly nuclear poisoned Nuclear Man…

…defeats him…

…leaving the Nuclear Man dead?

The book ends in the Fortress of Solitude with Superman and the Flash…

…a Flash who is mentally unwell.

Is that Wally West in Barry Allen’s Flash costume? You’ll note his red hair whereas Barry is blond? Or is that coloring mistake and Barry is mentally unwell due to something in the Phantom Zone?

Next time we see Rogol Zaar amass a Phantom Zone army!

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