Impact Wrestling 8/9/18 Recap – Edwards vs. Aries for the Title

The OGz and LAX brawl around the backstage area and Hernandez gets hangers thrown at him. Gama Singh introduces the Desi Hit Squad to face Ishimori and Petey Williams. Petey gets chokes on the ropes and eats a sliding dropkick by Raju. Ishimori gets a tag and hits a springboard dropkick on both members of the Hit Squad. Ishimori hits a springboard kick and then a pump kick. Singh eats the tombstone codebreaker, while Raju eats a shotgun drorpkick. Ishimori hits the Bloody Sunday codrebaker to win it.

Pentagon Jr. cuts a promo on Sydal talking about the universe and says that while Sydal has three eyes, he has two words – Cero Miedo! Allie says she wants Su Yung to get revenge for Rosemary and doesn’t even want the title while Kiera tells her to bring the whole undead family. Edwards vs. Aries is hyped up by showing Eddie’s rise to glory before and Aries says that he isn’t facing the former tag team, X Division, and World Champion – he’s facing a crazy man. Grado, Kat, and Joe Hendry are backstage and Joe and Kat make up BS reasons as to why Joe left Grado high and dry last week. Joe Hendry talks about defending Grado as a kid by re-doing the mockery that happened to him as a kid and he’ll defend him next week against Eli. Joe and Kat leave while Grado trails behind wanting to get some macaroni. Grado is so fantastic as a comedy foil.

Alisha Edwards comes out to face Tessa, who starts things off with a big press slam. Tessa lays in some forearm strikes and lands the 619 position dropkick. Alisha hits a sloppy flatliner, but Tessa lays her out with a slingshot spinebuster and the hammerlock DDT ends it. Tessa has some measure of “it” and comes off like the true top female star in the company. Tessa cuts a promo on Allie about trying to slingshot to the head of the line for a title shot and says she’ll take her out. Sydal talks about losing the X Title and while he lost the material piece of the belt, he still has the spirit of the champion inside of him. Sabin vs. Petey from a 2006 Impact is shown for some reason as the GWN match. Nash ends it by beating up both guys. Why on Earth show this of all vintage footage? It just buries the X division, which Sydal’s promo minutes before tried to put over?

KM and Bahh argue with Fallah just saying “bahh” before Scarlett walks in and spellbinds them. Some guy marches into management’s office and then Scarlett comes in and complains about being hot shamed by the knockouts. They pitch to give Scarlett her own shot for her own protection and she pitches The Smokeshow. Scott D’Amore’s overacting was just perfect throughout this. Sydal is out to face Pentagon. Sydal outwrestles him on the ground a bit, but Pentagon counters with stiff chops. Sydal recovers and locks on a modified Muta lock. Pentagon hits two iffy slingblades and sends Sydal to the floor. Sydal avoids him by going under the ring and sneak attacking him before punting the ribs and attacking the knee.

Sydal teases a countout win before a Pentagon chant breaks out. Sydal gets 2 off a spin kick. Sydal gets kicked in the corner and eats a draping lungblower for 2. Pentagon teases the arm snapper, but Sydal escapes and kicks the leg and hits a rewind Angle slam for 2. A back and forth chopfest breaks out before Sydal hits a jumping knee, but Penta hits a superkick! Pentagon driver hits for 2.9! Sydal avoids a double stomp and splashes the back for 2. Sydal hits the standing rana and goes for the SSP, but Penta cradles him for 2. Running Fear Factor hits for Pentagon and ends it! This was the best match on Impact TV in months – outstanding stuff.

Sami and OVE talk about Sami being mocked and Sami demands that one of them shave their heads. Jake volunteers and Dave says no – so Sami demands it. Sami forces Jake to do it so they’ll be a family. Jake cries while this goes on and Dave’s hair won’t gain traction – so I’m sure he’d be crying for a different reason as that can be pretty painful. Sami looks so much better with the shaved head than the goofy hair. Konnan and LAX talk about being undefeated in 5150 street fights and Konnan wants another fight with the OGz and King. King cuts a promo on LAX from the top of the Rebel Complex, which is a gorgeous sight to see – this is the best building they’ve filmed at in ages. King says they won a battle, but not the war.

Konnan responds in bleeps and King tells the fans to shut up so he can hear Konnan. In an amusing bit, King tells Konnan to continue with his false rhetoric. King tells him to bring the war to the streets, or is he afraid to fight in the streets now? Konnan says that LAX runs the streets and you can stop a revolutionary, but not their revolution. Shock of shocks, Konnan is still fantastic at cutting a promo. Jimmy Jacobs tells Johnny Impact that he’s got the Monster next week – and he’s the monster. Eddie Edwards comes out to face Aries for the World Title.

They start things off with a lot of headlocks, but Eddie speeds things up with a belly to belly and makes snow angels on the mat. Aries slaps him and Eddie keeps demanding a handshake to throw Aries off his game. They play cat and mouse until Aries boxes the ears, but eats a forearm off the low-pe. Eddie hits a low blow and a small package for 2. Discus forearm from Aries leads to a death valley driver attempt, but Eddie is spun into the ref to knock him down. Aries grabs the belt but eats a kick and a Dirty Deeds DDT, but there’s no ref as he gets the visual pinfall. Eddie grabs the kendo stick and hits the ref and eats a low blow, but Eddie avoids the brainbuster and cane shots him. Eddie makes wacky faces and chokes him with the kendo stick in the corner. Killer Kross comes down and hits a Saito suplex on Eddie before leaving and allowing Aries to win with a brainbuster. Killer Kross has added a ton of tattoos since the last tapings and looks even more intimidating. They strike a pose making them seem likeĀ  a modern-day and far more threatening version of HBK and Diesel.

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