DC Comics Universe, DC Black Label & Three Jokers Spoilers: Geoff Johns Explains How Series Fits Into Continuity & How It Impacts Batman, Red Hood (Jason Todd) & Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)!

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DC Comics Universe, DC Black Label and Three Jokers Spoilers follows.

Geoff Johns Explains How Series Fits Into Continuity & How It Impacts Batman, Red Hood (Jason Todd) and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)!

CBR reports:

      During discussions at various DC-run panels at the convention [SDCC 2019], Black Label was likened to stories like The Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke — stories that may not intentionally exist within the constraints of continuity upon release, but are eventually folded into the bigger picture based on success or popularity with fans.

      When asked if Three Jokers fit into the mold of Miller and Moore’s iconic graphic novels in terms of continuity, Johns said flat out, “For [Jason Fabok] and I, this is continuity.”

      “Three Jokers is an in-continuity story. It really focuses on Bruce, Barbara and Jason and the pain that the Joker’s inflicted on them as individuals. It’s a mystery about the three Jokers operating at the same time and what that means. It’s an exploration on healing and pain and healing right versus healing wrong. I think there’s a lot of different ways to heal […] Since The Killing Joke was published, there’s been so much expansion in the Batfamily and so much that’s happened, so [Fabok] and I really wanted too — If we’re going to tell a Batman story and a Joker story, we decided we needed to tell the best most emotional story we could possibly tell. It’s going to change their relationship with the Joker and how you see the Joker forever.”

      As for whether Three Joker‘s in-continuity status will have an aftermath that echo across the larger DCU, or if the effects would be more focused on Batman’s world, Johns confirmed it would be the latter. “It’s going to be introspective, sure, but I think in a way that changes these characters emotionally […] but we’re really, [Fabok] and I are really just focused on these three issues and this story.”…

      …The first of Three Jokers‘ forty-eight page prestige format issues is set to hit shelves later this year.

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