Impact 8/16/18 – LAX Battles the OGz in a Street Fight

A Jim Neidhart tribute graphic airs before last week’s show is recapped with Aries facing Edwards, Scarlett getting the Smoke Show, Tessa swearing vengeange on Allie, Sami forcing a head shaving, and the LAX-OGz feud continuing. Sami comes out to face Fenix, who soars in the ring before Sami bickers with fans. Sami charges with a kick and slugs away in the corner before Fenix hits an outside-in rana and Josh wonders how he can possibly plug GWN with the Crists being over by him. Fenix shines brightly with a series of superkicks and a handspring cutter on the ramp before landing an outside-in springboard twisting cutter for 2! This just in – Fenix is quite good. Sami hits a stacked powerbomb into a half crab before locking on a crossface. Fenix gets to the rope and eats a pump kick, a high kick, but lands a 916 for 2. Fenix hits a Ki Crusher to end it!

The LAX-OGz street fight is hyped up. Fenix wants more competition and Cage offers himself up, which we’ll get in two weeks. Jericho’s cruise is plugged and the GWN video is “the riot” from many years ago. Allie and Kiera swear vengeance agaisnt Su Yung for Madison, Rosemary, and Allie’s own soul. Jimmy Jacobs makes his first Impact in-ring appearance and Don says he looks like his high school prom date. Jimmy says people think he’s soft, but he’s capable of bad things. Kong jumps Johnny and goes for a powerbomb on the steps. Johnny avoids that, but gets tossed into the ring. Johnny takes Jcobs out.

KM and Fallah Bahh fight over a mystery date with Scarlett. KM steals the “cham-pag-ne!” that Bahh brought. Scarlett hates the cheap champagne and aks them about their issues. Scarlett tells KM to do things her way, which he is now a big fan of and leaves to get a pink tie that matches Fallah’s. Fallah suggests some Bahh with Scarlett, who calls it disgusting. Aries and Killer Kross come out, and Kross looks fantastic in a slicked black jacket. Aries and Kross talk about taking over before Eddie comes down and kendo sticks Kross down. Aries distracts and the Kross Jacket choke takes him down.

Joe Henry sings a sing about the Cult of Lee and mocks Eli. Joe Henry comes off as such a star, and is out to face Eli with Grado and Kat. Eli beats him running Joe into Grado for a cradle win. They argue a bit before Kat makes peace. Matt Sydal is shown meditating. Impact and NGW’s Uncivil War is announced for Twitch. Sami vs. Pentagon is announced for a street fight next week. Allie faces Su Yung, who eats a sliding D early. Allie lands a backstabber for 2 and takes out Tessa too, leading to a no contest. Konnan tells King that he’ll make the rules, which King abides by and it’ll be bosses in the back.

The teams brawl, with Hernandez taking a few plastic pilon shots. Homicide eats a blackjack shot to the jaw before Hernandez lands a border toss into a pile of people. Hernandez gets passed a blade by a croney, but eats a blackjack shot to the head and LAX grabs their belts. King says they don’t have the guts to take him out and calls Konnan an old dog, so Konnan lays him out with the blackjack. This was pretty cool stuff – it was shot very differently than a street fight usually is and looked great.

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