SDCC 2018 Transformers Vol. 1 Retro Rock Garage Review

Welcome, Primates! Today we travel back…to the 1980s! The Bumblebee Vol. 1 Retro Rock Garage set hits all the marks to appeal to new and old fans alike. The set includes a Studio Series Bumblebee redecoed in a nice Gold(bug) inspired look. That hits for some of the newer fans or even the masses who may be drawn to the new BB movie. But this set appeals to the giddy G1 fan in all (most) of us…the Dino Cassettes.

The Dino Cassettes are grails for all cassette collectors. Previously only released in Japan, these four cassettes go for hundreds if not thousands. This is the first opportunity for us geeks stateside to be able to play with these Legendary figures. This set includes two of those four figure molds: Dairu (Dile) and Zauru (Saur), now known as his evil twin, Urauaz, in this set. This leaves hope that we’ll see Noizu and Gurafi in a future release. For now, we old farts can only bask in a late 80’s mold that probably leaves a lot of younger TF fans scratching their heads. The figures themselves are fun, simple molds and even form into a…combiner of sorts.




Now, It wouldn’t be SDCC without the box being extravagant and amazing. The outside is a bit deceiving with the outer cover looking pretty standard. It’s going for a bit of an 80’s cassette case look. The edges are a bit “worn” and we get some nice 80stastic Side A and Side B descriptors on the back. The best part is they do remind you that “Product does not include music.” However…then you take off the cover.

The inside is like a giant cassette you wish you had a Soundwave big enough for. The clear window displays BB , but the nice surprise is another mini “tape deck” that contains Dairu and Urauaz. A section under BB pulls out to reveal the two cassettes and their weapons all neatly tied up. Getting everyone out is a little tough, but well worth it.

Similar to the Throne of Primes, I’ll warn you about opening the box. The “tape deck” that contains Dairu and Urauaz come out of makes it difficult to get BB out of the top. There is an outer piece of tape that holds the inner “tape deck” which fits between two small spacer boxes all with BB on top of it. If it sounds a little funky, it is. I removed BB, which made it so I had to remove the tape from the “tape deck” section for fear of damaging it. You’re able to fit it all back together, but you made need to add some new tape back. The instructions are also hidden under BB, which means you have to pull it out to reach them. That said, I did mention to John Warden after my interview at SDCC 2018 (shameless plug) that it would be great if we could have instructions like an unboxing video done by the Hasbro team.

The companion set to this one Vol. 2 Retro Pop Highway, is an Entertainment Earth exclusive and will be out later this year. It comes with the SS Volkswagen BB and the “twins” of the cassette tapes, Zauru and Uriad.

Vol. 1 Retro Rock Garage is available now on (while supplies last).

This set hits on all the nostalgia goodness for the original fanbase while not leaving out the newer movie/BB fans. The cassettes are for dad. Bumblebee is for the kiddos. Make it a play date.

‘Till All are One.


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Item will be available for purchase on 8/13. Limit of 2 per household.
Item is excluded from any promotions.
Phone orders are not accepted for this item.

Studio Series presents Vol.1 of a totally awesome convention exclusive series. Packed with retro radness, this installment features a bodaciously Special Edition Bumblebee Gold Camaro figure and 2 dynamite dino-cassette figures, Dairu and Uruaz (the evil twin of Zauru), remixed from an ’80s Japan-only release.

Retro Rock Garage – Vol. 1 is a celebration of the Bumblebee movie and the awesomeness of cranking up some tunes as you tune up your ride. Especially if that ride is a righteous ’77 Camaro with special edition deco that converts from robot mode in 25 steps.

“Perfect soundtrack for tuning up my ’77 Chevrolet Camaro” -Charlie, Human Ally Magazine

“The movie-inspired details really come through, great one for the collection” -The Prime Times

“Wouldn’t even intercept the transmission” -Soundwave, Rolling Decepticon

“Cassettes don’t actually play music” -Disclaimer Weekly

• Includes: Bumblebee figure, 5 accessories, 2 mini-cassette figures, and instructions.

• Convention Exclusive Studio Series Deluxe Class Bumblebee figure with special edition deco
• Details, styling, and figure scale inspired by the rockin’ world of Transformers: Bumblebee
• 2 dino-cassette figures based on a classic 1980’s release, sold only in Japan
• Premium packaging inspired by old-school mix tape style
• Show off the exclusive Bumblebee figure inside a cassette-inspired Retro Rock Garage – Vol 1 display

• Figure scale: 4.5 inches

• Ages 8 and up
• Warning: Choking Hazard — Small parts may be generated. Not for children under 3 years.

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