The Column: My Dream Titans Lineup For DC Comics

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My Dream Titans Team

Welcome to the Column where I fantastize over things that could be.

This time I wanted to create my own Titans Team.

Arguably the second most popular DC team ever. The Titans or the Teen Titans is one of the respected teams of the DC Universe.

The Titans have gone through a lot of members and have had various different rosters. However, the main roster has always had at least one of the main of Teen Titans. I am talking about the OG Teen Titans of Dick Grayson as Robin, Donna Troy as Wonder Girl, Roy Harper as Speedy, Garth as Aqualad and Wally West as Kid Flash.

Now for my mix of members I really wanted some heavy hitters and people who could be great friends and be a great respectable group of superheroes

Starting off my Roster is the OG Teen Titans now grown up with new identites.

Nightwing (Dick Grayson)

Flash (Wally West)

Donna Troy

Arsenal (Roy Harper)

Tempest (Garth)

Next we have some long time Titans members and very awesome ones.

Starfire (Korianda’r)

Omen (Lilith Clay)

Jericho (Joseph Wilson)

Next we have some other really awesome women who should be with the Titans and have never got the chance to fully join them.

Supergirl (Kara Danvers)


What do you think?

I have explained clearly why I chose who I chose and why I think they are needed on the roster.

  • Supergirl would be a real asset to the team considering she should be their age instead of being constantly de-aged as they are doing now.
  • I am very nostalgic towards the five core Titans and I believe they have a very special bond that can’t be broken.
  • Dolphin and Jericho are some of the wildcards here and they could bring a new aspect to the Titans as a whole.
  • More than that, Starfire and Omen are very underrated and have the potential to have plenty of developments.

So that is my Ultimate or Dream Titans roster. It is my sincere wish that one day this team is featured in the books one day. I recognize each of you may have your own views and I respect that.

I want to thank one of my friends for doing the edits and helping to pick the roster.

I also want to hear from you so I figured you want to tell me what you want to change or the team you would choose and why, then email me at

Titans Go.


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