The Column: The Return Of Wolverine At Marvel Comics

Hunt for Wolverine

Welcome to the The column where we talk about one of the most confusing things Marvel has done in recent times.

Wolverine the OG Logan is back. However, the how and why have been dragged over a long battle.

I am gonna now create a simple path which you can follow and get the story.

1. Death of Wolverine Series 1-4

As the title suggests, this is when wolverine actually died.

2. Marvel Legacy

Wolverine comes back to life after 4 years of limbo and tracks down an Infinity Stone.

3. The post credit king.

After coming back to life, Wolverine hops on and tries to meet various heroes and misses all of them.

4. Hunt for Wolverine One-Shot.

Poised to answer the questions posed by the return, it gave us even more questions.

5. Hunt for Wolverine.

Now that people know Logan is back. Everybody starts to search for him. This is also when things get tricky.

5.1 Weapon Lost

Daredevil, Misty Knight and Detective frank McGee search for Wolverine.

5.2 Adamantium Agenda

The Avengers and Laura Kinney, Logan’s Daughter, start to search for Wolverine.

5.3 Claws of a Killer

The Weapon X Team search for Wolverine and wants to make sure he is dead.

5.4 Mystery of Madripoor

Some of the X-Women search for Wolverine. For some their mentor and for some their friend and for some former lover.

6. Hunt for Wolverine Dead Ends One-Shot

The end of the long hunt and the start of another mini-series and possibly containing the reunions of Wolverine with the Marvel Universe

7. Return of Wolverine Miniseries #1 – 5

Logan is back and with hot claws. Yes, it is true.

8. The inevitable ongoing Wolverine series and the inevitable X-Men group he joins.

So I think if you follow this, you won’t miss out on any of the Wolverine return hullabaloo.

Personally, I am glad Logan is back, but they could have made sure that it could have been done in a better way than just milking it with mini-series and one-shots.

Let me know what you think of this pathway and this column at

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