Pull List Roundtable 8/29/2018: Power Rangers: Shattered Grid #1, Scarlet #1, Venom First Host #1 & More

James Fulton

I love fifth weeks! They’re always a great time to save some money and catch up on other reading.

It looks like I’m only getting 6 or 7 comics this week (I’m on the fence about the second issue of Submerged).

  • Extermination #2 – I actually really liked the first issue, which actually made me feel like there is a plan for the X-Men for the first time in a long time.
  • New World #2 – This new Ales Kot and Tradd Moore title got off to a great start – it’s Romeo and Juliet in a media-saturated post-Trump world, with mesmerizingly good art.
  • X-Men Grand Design: Second Genesis #2 – Ed Piskor has caught up to the era when I started to regularly read X-Men comics, and I’m excited to see him wander through my memories. I love this series, and hope there’s a third series coming soon – someone needs to make sense of the 90s for me.
  • I’m also going to be getting new issues of Marvel 2-In-One, Harbinger War 2, and X-O Manowar (both of which I’ve lost interest in lately – I can’t believe they’re being written by Matt Kindt).

Mike Maillaro

Fifth week!

  • WALK THROUGH HELL #4 – I just realized that I completely missed issue 3. I think at some point I started to confuse WALK THROUGH HELL, which I really enjoy, with HER INFERNAL DESCENT, which I do not. This has been a wild crazy story by Garth Ennis and is definitely worth checking out.
  • CATWOMAN/TWEETY/SYLVESTER, HARLEY QUINN/GOSSAMER, JOKER/DAFFY DUCK, and LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG – Another set of DC and Looney Tunes crossovers. The first batch were real clever so I will be picking these up. Even if the cover to LEX LUTHOR/PORKY PIG continues to be the creepiest thing I have ever seen in comics.
  • MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS SHATTERED GRID #1 – They have been building to this since the beginning of the Boom’s POWER RANGERS series. This has been an incredible build up, and I have no idea how one issue can wrap all of this up. Kyle Higgins has a huge task at hand, but I suspect he is more than up for the task.
  • SCARLET #1 – Bendis is bringing a lot of his creator-owned books over to DC with him. I actually have never read SCARLET. Hopefully this new series is easily accessible to new readers, because the concept really intrigues me “SCARLET tells the story of a woman whose life has been ripped apart by police corruption. When she pushes back, she starts a chain reaction of events that will bring about the next American Revolution.”
  • MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #9 – I would think this is leading to the return of FANTASTIC FOUR in the coming weeks, but there has been no real explanation how the two series are tied together yet. However it works Marvel has really piqued my interest on this one.
  • EXTERMINATION #2 – The end of the original X-Men continues. Last issue we found out that a young version of Cable is hunting the original X-Men. Last issue he even killed older Cable. Lots of craziness here.
  • HUNT FOR WOLVERINE DEAD ENDS #1 – It kind of felt like the HUNT FOR WOLVERINE mini-series were all just breadcrumbs. The series were all enjoyable, but they didn’t feel that they achieved all that much. Well, we did get original Psylocke back, but I can’t imagine that impacts too many readers since Psylocke hasn’t been British is like 25 years…
  • Beyonders #1
  • Bone Parish #2
  • Batgirl #26
  • Batgirl Annual #2
  • Red Hood And The Outlaws Annual #2
  • Silencer Annual #1
  • Uncle Scrooge #39
  • Daredevil Annual #1
  • Edge Of Spider-Geddon #2 (Of 4)
  • Exiles #7, $3.99
  • Moon Knight #198
  • Ms. Marvel #33
  • New Mutants Dead Souls #6 (Of 6)
  • Runaways #12
  • Star Wars Lando Double Or Nothing #4 (Of 5)
  • Star Wars Poe Dameron Annual #2
  • X-23 #3
  • X-Men Grand Design Second Genesis #2 (Of 2)
  • X-O Manowar #18

Phil Allen

Fifth week is upon us, which is usually a good time to save money unless you’re like me and have a few collected editions to pick up *le sigh*

  • Eugenic TPB – I somehow missed the single issues when they came out, and since I’ve been switching to trades more recently anyway I’ll just get this. Memetic and Cognetic were very good, and it will be nice to finally round out the trilogy.
  • New Gods by Jack Kirby TPB – I’ve been reading the “By Jack Kirby” trades DC put out last year, particularly the Demon and Mister Miracle books, but given that this is such a seminal work of Kirby’s it has been a glaring omission to my collection. Also, today (8/28) is Jack Kirby’s 101st birthday! All hail the King.
  • Scarlet #1 – My wife collected the original run from Icon when it was coming out there, so I’ll be interested in her take now that it’s at DC. I assume it should be mostly the same, but given that it’s only a 5-issue mini hopefully will maintain a solid schedule.
  • Star Wars: Poe Dameron Annual #2 – Only one more issue, (#31, out 9/26) and I’m sad to see this one go. It’s been just as solid as the flagship Star Wars series, filling in the gaps nicely around Episodes VII and VIII.
  • Strangers in Paradise XXV #6 – It has been fun reading this series, but I feel like I’m missing something. I’ll continue getting the issues for now, but should probably start on the original series, as Terry calls it the “2,100 page-prequel”.
  • Wayward #28 – No news about the TV show recently, so hopefully that’s still going forward. Glad to see this series back on the shelf though, I’m a big fan of Jim Zub.
  • While the new DC/Looney Tunes issues look fun, I passed on the last round and this week will probably do the same.

John Babos

6 books this week.

  • Batgirl Annual #2
  • Extermination #2
  • Harbinger Wars 2 #4
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #2
  • Silencer Annual #1
  • Venom First Host #1