The Column: DC Comics’ Crisis Level Events Ranked


Welcome to the column where I talk mixing what I read and what I want to rank.

I have been reading some of DC crisis events lately and I wanted to give my opinion and rank them all in an order.

Remember this is not the best events ranking list but for those which had crisis level effects.

1. Infinite Crisis

One of the best Crisis event ever and my favorite of the three main crisis events. Had some great impacts on the DC universe.

2. Crisis on Infinite Earths

The classic event was one of the best. Forever remembered for the death of Barry Allen the Flash.

3. Blackest Night

Encompasses the entire Earth and changes various modern mythos. Raised the profile of various characters. E.g. Mera.

4. Flashpoint

Regardless of the fact that this resulted in various erasures of beloved heroes, the series was amazing. What followed after was not.

5. Darkseid War

Amazing story and amazing art. This set the stage for DC Rebirth and effectively changed the DC universe again.

6. Dark Nights: Metal

Originally a Dark Crisis. Metal took various amazing turns and even cracked open the Source Wall.

7. Final Crisis

It was good, but not exactly great. Also effectively started the destruction of the legacy of the Flashes. Actually killed Batman though, but not really

8. Zero Hour: Crisis in Time

Destroyed the legacy of Hal Jordan as a Green Lantern and hero, but was a good event and in some ways showed what happens when a hero has nothing to fight for.

9. Convergence

Too complicated and bogged down by tie-ins and an underwhelming villain. Convergence still did some things by reconnecting us to various eras of DC Comics.

10. Identity Crisis.

I liked the story as a whole but it made the DC Universe so much darker and tarnished various heroes’ reputations.

So that is my ranking of the DC Crisis level events we have had so far. They have all changed the DCU in new ways and they are all good in some ways and bad in some ways.

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