Fan Expo Canada 2018 & DC Comics Universe Spoilers: More On Starman / Starmen Return In Justice League #7 Out This Week & Have A BIG Role Going Forward?!

Fan Expo Canada 2018 and DC Comics Universe Spoilers follows.

More On Starman / Starmen Return In Justice League #7 Out This Week and Have A BIG Role Going Forward?!

Building on earlier news that more than Starman will return in the pages of the Justice League beginning with Justice League #7 (spoilers here), it appears Will Payton, Starman IV in the pre-New / Rebirth continuity, may well be first up.

This would make sense since he appeared in Dark Nights Metal #1 (full spoilers here).

Writer Scott Snyder’s earlier comments indicated that Starman would show up in Justice League #7. That appears to be the case still, but herhaps in a cameo, with a more meatier role in Justice Leafue #8 and ongoing according to an interview released during Fan Expo Canada 2018 weekend over at Newsarama:

      His role [Starman Will Payton] going forward is really important to the Justice League. He’s in the next arc, in “Drowned Earth,” and he figures into the following issues prominently as well.

      What he knows about the Totality and what’s inside of it, what they’ve been able to discover in the past — because what you realize is that all of the kind of super-scientists that you saw in Metal, like the Challengers of the Unknown and Will Magnus, they’ve also been exploring this larger mystery, beyond just the mystery of Nth Metal and the Dark Multiverse.

      They’ve been trying to figure out what the Multiverse wants to be. What is its core? What is its origin? Who made us? What do they expect of us? Is there some key to unlock and kind of evolve us into what we’re supposed to become? Is that thing good or bad? Is it horrible or wonderful?…

      …A lot of it is a continuation [of Dark Nights: Metal]. I mean, Metal is a self-standing story that we’re really proud of. But it really was intended as a launch pad for a lot of ideas and a lot of story that we’re going to be weaving in for the next year and a half to two years.

Cool. I am intrigued.

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