Pull List Roundtable 9/5/2018 – Asgardians Of The Galaxy #1, Dreaming #1, Venom: First Host #2, Paper Girls #24, Deathstroke #35 & More

James Fulton

  • Come Into Me #3 – It’s been ages, but I like this series, and I’m happy to see a new issue is coming out at last.
  • Deathstroke #35 – Slade’s fight with Batman comes to a head this issue, and that also means that the series can get back to the present!

I’m also looking forward to the new issues of Black Science, Paper Girls, Stray Bullets, the Walking Dead, Captain America, Star Wars, and Shadow Roads. I’m really on the fence with the new issue of Relay – I want to like this title a lot more than I actually do.

John Babos

10 books this week.

  • Asgardians of the Galaxy #1
  • Avengers #7
  • Dead Hand #6
  • DC Nation #4
  • Deathstroke #35
  • Dreaming #1
  • Green Arrow #44
  • Justice League #7
  • Unexpected #4
  • Venom: First Host #2

Phil Allen

  • Batman #54 – Not one, but TWO awesome covers (Matt Wagner and Tim Sale) with interior art by Matt Wagner. Bruce and Dick get to spend some much-needed quality time together.
  • Batman: Prelude to Knightfall TPB – I’ve been cutting back on buying single issues (both new and old) so it’s nice that DC continues to bridge the gaps around so many important arcs with these new collected editions. This week, it’s the events leading to the classic crossover event Knightfall, as Batman falls under sedation as Bane steals armaments and Joker breaks out first!
  • Paper Girls #24 – This arc wraps up with the next issue, and the Image-provided synopsis describes it as “another season finale”; last time I saw that from a BKV comic was Saga #54 and we saw what happened there (if you didn’t, don’t look it up and get spoiled.) Hang in there, girls.
  • Star Wars #53 – Nice flight suit, Admiral Han.

I’m also looking forward to Green Arrow #44, Justice League #7, The Last Siege #4, and Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual #2 once I get caught up on those series.

Mike Maillaro

  • Dreaming #1 – Sandman Universe got us off to a big start with the relaunch of a line of books set in Neil Gaiman’s playground. In Sandman Universe, we found out that Daniel, the current incarnation of Dream seems to have quit. This should have pretty huge ramifications in then four series that are spinning out of Sandman Universe, and it all starts here with a series set firmly in Daniel’s kingdom, The Dreaming. CAN’T WAIT!
  • Cover #1 and United States Vs Murder Inc #1 – Bendis continues to make himself home at DC launching quite a few creator-owned books along with his work on Superman. Some of the series are relaunches of his older works like Scarlet and United States of Murder Inc. And we have some new series like Cover and Pearl. I really liked the first issue of Pearl (I have the first issue of Scarlet but have not read it yet), so I will probably check out both of the series launching this week.
  • Asgardians of the Galaxy #1 – Sometimes you see a book like this and you have no idea how it even exists. That said, I think it is a pretty creative idea, so I will definitely give it a look. I can’t imagine this book will be around all that long though…
  • Thanos Legacy #1 – This book is to fill in the gaps between Thanos last series and Infinity Countdown. I absolutely loved Thanos’ last series, though it seems to have this book out now since Thanos has been killed by Gamora…Just a little late…
  • Silver Surfer Annual #1 – Not sure where this book even came from, but Silver Surfer was my first favorite superhero, so I typically check out anything he appears in. Hopefully we can get a good new Surfer series coming out of this…
  • Bully Wars #1 – Skottie Young recently wrapped up I Hate Fairyland and he has a few new titles coming out of Image. Bully Wars sounds pretty nuts which is par for the course with Young: “Rufus, the biggest bully in Rottenville since kindergarten, suddenly goes from bully to bullied on the first day of high school. He’s forced to make a shaky pact with his favorite geeks: Spencer and his twin sibling besties, Edith and Ernie. Together they’ll have to find a way to survive the Hunger Games-like contest known simply as the BULLY WARS—where the winner will rule the school!”
  • Dark Ark #10
  • Adventures Of The Super Sons #2 (Of 12)
  • Batman #54
  • Green Arrow #44
  • Green Lanterns #54
  • Justice League #7
  • Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories #743
  • Ant-Man And The Wasp #5 (Of 5)
  • Avengers #7
  • Captain America #3
  • Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 (Of 5)
  • Immortal Hulk #5
  • Old Man Logan Annual #1
  • Quicksilver No Surrender #5
  • Star Wars #53
  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra Annual #2
  • Weapon X #23
  • Long Con #2


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