WWE Raw Recap 9/10/18 – Ronda Rousey and Nattie face Alexa and Mickie James

Cole starts the show off welcoming Renee to being the first-ever woman as a full-time commentator on Raw. Dolph and Drew come out with Braun and then a procession of all the other heels. Braun, Drew, and Dolph introduce a video package further justifying Roman’s heel turn – exactly like last week. Drew talks about the balance of power shifting to them. The Shield comes down and beats up the jobber brigade. The main heels are sent packing with a kendo stick and an axe handle by Seth. We get a terribly-shot video of the Bellas having what is supposed to be their dressing room, that looks like a closet being defaced by the Riott Squad – so Nikki faces Ruby next.

Backstage, Baron threatens the Shield with cops and jail time. He will make sure they aren’t arrested, but the Shield will have to leave and he says that Roman and Seth will have to give up their belts. Ruby is out to face Nikki and they spin a yarn about Nikki being humble and a veteran. Well is it that or is she part of a multimedia empire and one of the busiest people in entertainment? Lots of sloppy offense from Nikki leads to a disaster kick for 2. Forearm hits Logan, but Ruby ducks and hits a flatliner for 2. Nikki wins with the rack attack 2.0 when Brie prevents Liv from attacking her.

A Connor’s Cure video airs before Big Show says that he fights in the ring, but they fight for far more. Super Showdown is hyped up and a recap airs of Taker and HBK’s in-ring segment from last week. Drake Maverick hypes up AOP backstage. Spud looked ridiculous in the AOP gear, but at least amusingly ridiculous. Now he just looks like a skinny guy in workout gear. AOP kills the jobbers. We get a SmackDown recap betwen Orton and Jeff Hardy, so this brand rivalry stuff really means a lot. HHH and his Kratos beard arrive in a limo.

HHH comes out to a big HHH chant and recaps a poll showing that he has a 19% chance of victory and HHH says he’ll win. A recap of the Shield stuff earlier tonight airs. Come and Drew are out to give the B-Team their rematch. Drew beats up Dallas for an ad break. Zig Zag and Claymore end it for Bo. Seth and Dean come down to send the heels packing. An incredible Foley-Taker HIAC recap airs. This is quite an incredible recap of HIAC – and another instance of WWE putting its past far and above its present.

KO returns to wrestle without even a promo as to how he can just return after quitting. A recap of KO attacking Lashley airs. Seth and Dean catch Baron in his lies and Seth brings a sheriff to arrest Baron but Baron begs Seth to chat – so I guess the Shield guys will get a tag title match. Dean chats with G AMBROSE the sheriff and tells him to help him whenever he gets arrested again. Tyler Breeze comes out to face KO and he gets destroyed with the apron powerbomb. KO says he walked away two weeks ago, but Baron Corbin begged him to stay because he recognizes his value as the MVP of Raw. KO says he came back only if he can do what he wants when he wants and face no punishment. KO blames Lashley for taking Sami out and this is still the Kevin Owens Show. Anarchy, Agony, and Destruction will be Lashley’s fault.

A long AJ-Joe recap airs. Roode cuts an inset promo with Gable about the tag division becoming GLORIOUS. Roode was annoyed by Gable doing the Glorious bit and then Gable starts the match out blind-tagging in right away, much to Roode’s annoyance. One of the Ascension locks on a long chinlock. Gable wins with the chaos theory German suplex. Ronda and Nattie train to face Mickie and Alexa next.

WWE begs for vote for E’s reality TV awards. Baron chats with Drew, Dolph, and Braun about giving the Shield guys a tag title shot at the PPV. Nattie gets a headlock takedown to Bliss and hits a basement dropkick for 2. Alexa tags out to Mickie the second Ronda tags in. Ronda hits her with a shortarm lariat. Nattie tags in and gets beaten up and hit with the double knee moonsault by Alexa for 2. Alexa gets chased around into Nattie’s arm before a Hart Attack. Mickie gets a front choke on Nattie Alexa mocks Ronda’s shadowboxing and beats her up on the floor. Mickie attacks Ronda, but gets punched by Ronda, then locked in the endless judo throws and taps to the armbar.

A Backy/Charlotte recap airs. Backstage, Ronda is asked about how her ribs are and she says she’s fine and even on her worst day, she’s still the best. Elias talks about New Orleads being the home of jazz and rock and roll – until Elias came in and raised the bar. Elias sings and then Mick comes down to praise Elias and says maybe he’s a future Universal Champion. He talks about begging Steph to be a part of HIAC and he talks about the HIAC match being magical. He says that Roman and Braun’s present meets his past as he will be the ref for the Universal Title match. He also makes Balor vs. Elias now.

Braun destroys things in the steel pipe distract backstage before we go to Balor vs. Elias. Balor hits a basement dropkick, but Elias gets a long nerve pinch and Finn beats Elias with a cradle. We get a recap of KO getting the power to do whatever he wants. Lashley works out before Lio Rush comes in as Lashley’s hype man. “MAH MAN!” is a fantastic bit for Lashley and Lio works nicely as his mouthpiece – about as well as MVP did in TNA in just one night. Braun demands to know where Roman is, and he’s told that if he goes to the ring, maybe Roman will show up.

Taker is hyped up for next week’s show. Braun says that what Mick suffered inside the cell 20 years ago will pale in comparison to what he does to Roman on Sunday. Roman gets on the announce table for a brawl, and Roman now has the Connor’s Cure logo on his gear – that’s a bit much. Roman picks him up and hits a Samoan drop off the table through the platform next to them. Roman stands tall and that’s it.

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