CM Punk Talks All In, Returning to Wrestling – “There’s just nothing that interests me”

CM Punk appeared on Ariel Helwani’s show to promote his work on Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster 

Punk actually talked about wrestling, including some comments on All In.

Here are some quotes:

On whether he was approached for All In: “No, no. I was never made, like, an offer to be there. They said, ‘Hey, if you wanna come, you should come.’ And I was like, ‘Oh, well, okay’…it definitely wasn’t implied as a fan. It was extremely vague…and also, it wasn’t an offer.”

On a possible return to the ring: “Uh…no, because to me that’s like an escape hatch. I got Beastmaster on Netflix, that’s season three and, you know, we’re crossing our fingers we get to move forward and do a season four. And aside from all the stuff I can’t talk to you about of course. There’s all the secret stuff I’m not allowed to talk about that I’m doing too. It’s not even a matter of not going to wrestling because I’m busy doing other stuff. There’s just nothing that interests me in wrestling.”

Check out the video, CM Punk starts at around 70 minutes in: