DC Comics Universe & Superman #3 Spoilers: Justice League Braintrust Help With Mystery Of Earth In The Phantom Zone As Rogol Zaar Prepares For War! Plus Poor Adam Strange & Livewire?!

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DC Comics Universe and Superman #3 Spoilers follows.

Justice League Braintrust Help Uncover The Mystery Of Earth In The Phantom Zone…

… As Rogol Zaar Prepares For War!

Plus Poor Adam Strange and Livewire?!

She tries to rob STAR Labs at the wrong time! Superman stops her in her tracks and focuses to the Phantom Zone problem in the Lab?

STAR Labs doesn’t know why they have a Phantom Zone problem as they’ve done similar experiments before.

Ok, those were part of the free pages DC released in advance. In terms of net new developments, we have a humorous moment with Adam Strange whose Zeta Beam brings him from Rann to Earth, but Earth is not where it should be. It is in the Phantom Zone and Adam Strange is lonely and thinks he just walked the prank.

In th Phantom Zone, away from Earth, Rogol Zaar is jumped by Kryptonian villains, but…

… he doesn’t kill them because he wants to lead them in a war with Superman! They don’t have anything to do with the Earth in the Phantom Zone, but they will take advantage of the opportunity.

On Earth, the Justice League brainstrust of Mister Terrific, Blue Beetle, the two Atoms and Doc Magnus try to figure what is going on, but they…

…concur it is not sustainable and a crisis.

The book ends with Superman sensing Rogol Zaar and flying towards him…

…greeted by his Krytonian army!

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