The Good Place Season 3 Spoilers: Where Are Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason & Michael To Start The Season?

The Good Place Season 3 Spoilers follow.

Where Are Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jason and Michael To Start The Season?

Rolling Stone reports:

      No comedy on television churns through more story ideas, in more surprising ways, than NBC’s The Good Place. The first season seemed to be about a group of flawed people who had somehow found their way into a version of Heaven, only for the finale to stun them — and us — with the revelation that they were all being punked in the Bad Place. Season two used and abandoned new status quos within an episode or two (see: demonic architect Michael rebooting the experiment once the humans figured it out; the humans having to go undercover in the more overt Bad Place) that any other series would devote years to, and in its finale left the afterlife altogether so that selfish loner Eleanor, cripplingly indecisive ethics professor Chidi, narcissistic do-gooder Tahani and sweet Florida man Jason could get another chance at life on Earth to prove their metaphysical worthiness.

      As he did after the first season, Good Place creator Michael Schur went radio silent for several months to let the audience consider the finale’s ramifications without being influenced by the voice of the show’s deity. Now, he’s finally ready to spill via a long email interview, as he clarifies where exactly the four dum-dums are, discusses what it was like to put former Cheers star Ted Danson behind a bar again, explains some more about how his version of the afterlife functions and a lot more.

      [Michael Schur stated,] “Normally I don’t like to just flatly state what’s going on, but here I don’t see the benefit of people experiencing ambiguity: The four of them are straight-up back on Earth, in a new timeline where they didn’t die.”

The Good Place Season 3 premieres on September 27th on NBC at 8 p.m. for a special 1 hour episode.

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