The Column: Heroes In Crisis, Who Is Gonna Die?

One of these characters is gonna die

Welcome to The Column where we talk about things like who is gonna die in Heroes in Crisis.

Initially, said to be a look into heroes and their psychological problems, we have now been completely changed in our thinking as it is now being promoted as a murder mystery.

So, who is gonna die?

Red Robin

He just died and came back so less possibility of him dying. Also with Bart Allen back, DC also needs him for a new Young Justice team and series.

Harley Quinn

She is not gonna die. DC plasters her face everywhere. So ,no way is she gonna die.

Booster Gold

Promoted as one of the main characters, Booster Gold has that in his favour, but maybe that is a misdirection; he would come back even if he dies. Time travel, duh?!

Kyle Rayner

One of the most likely dudes to die. With his co-star series ending and DC particularly hating 90’s heroes, one of our beloved heroes might meet a grisly end.

Roy Harper

100 percent possible he is the one… or the first. Seriously, the farewell to Jason Todd and Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance all  seem to put him in the crossfire. Yeah, this is gonna suck so bad.


Cyborg is the one who was just on a movie and he is a Justice League member. So, no way they are killing him off now.


So yeah Roy Harper is probably gonna die.

Lets see how this “crisis” is gonna go and how it cripples the DC universe moving forward.

Who do you think is gonna die?

Let me know what you think of this and this column at

Heroes in Crisis #1 hits stores next Wednesday.

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