Saturday Evening Post 09.22.2018 – More Flea!

Hello everyone! I’m FLEA. And I’m pretty much Living the Fleabag Loca

You might remember me from…last week!

SO, I must have the nerve of a high diver. 30 days of “material”? Turns out it ain’t no thing and I’m looking forward to it. Couple things quick

For the 30 day gimmick, I will be (for most categories) WWE prone. I’m keeping the wrestlers from New Japan in their own section. So, know that going in

You know what’s good Song?

For a couple categories, I should probably say this first:

Womens Wrestling – Don’t care for it at all. I like Natalya, Asuka, Nia Jax. Mickie James…

Mickie James – the best body of any chick I’ve ever seen. And I don’t feel bad aboot (wait, Trish is the Canadian)..awboww noticing it, y’all! (Mickie, she’s a hillbilly and I am a sucker for that, Hyuck!). Not to mention she has been my favorite for many years, and I guess she will fill the slot when the time comes. But, with that, One of those old goofy Cactus Jack lines about Sting comes to mind

I’ve thought of 263 thing to do…and haven’t got past his legs!”

Yep. I love her wrestling and think she’s the best – even through the nonsense of TNA until…well, I don’t fast forward through her matches. The rest? Fangol

But can still I get in on with the Women’s Evolution / Women’s Revolution? Changes every week. I’ll say more when the Category arises

And am I still allowed to appreciate The Girls for being beautiful? Times are weird these days…saying a chick is hot, they tell you it’s wrong. And if it is? Let it Go. This is no time to be a sexist pig. Fucking A they are rebooting Magnum, with no mustache and a chick Higgins. I should have hung myself when GRUT told me to. Back in his day, My Man Magnum would say..

Hey Baby, I’m a rich woman’s lover and a poor girls dream”.

Well DogGone. That ain’t his saying. Tully said that. Does anyone remember Tully?
And for all the girls that do their best to benefit, it’s like a fucking monkey is writing the angles

What I will say is that I enjoy the matches sometimes but the bullshit surrounding it yells “fast forward”…so get this – as far advances to Women’s Wrestling, and as far as the high paying Saudis go, the girls are Nom De Plume. Or is that Persona Non Gratis… Latin is as dead as writing Cursive

And yeah. Fuck the Saudi. 19 of the 21 bombers for 9/11 were from Saudi Arabia. And we love them. And now they come with “No Women”, but here is $45 million! How you do business with people like that is NOT beyond me. Follow the Money. But that doesn’t mean they ain’t a bunch of fucks who should be boiled in Oil and their fat sold for Soap (thanks Corny).

This has come up lately…I’ don’t surf much anymore, but I came across this guy saying:

If you had a night to spend a night with one DIVA / DUDE, but you have to tell yer (whoever) it’s a ONE NIGHT STAND

man is it hard to type with all these genders…FLEA note – correct that to (whoever)

BUT! You have to tell (whoever), that yer one experience was worth a lifetime, and you will never do it again. Would yer (whoever) allow that?

Women’s Power Movement – for me, I guess the difference is I’d never act on the impulse if she said no, much less use Power to Abuse as a weapon and – those Pigs that have for all these years are getting Karma straight up the BrownHole. Fuck those weasels

Maybe it’s because I’m a nice guy who respects women. It’s more likely if I ever tried any of that bullshit my Old Lady would kill me in my sleep. Believe me, she’s almost done it for less. But see, Sam Smart? You gotta be ahead of the curve – cut down on the drinking, that way yer “sleeping”, instead of “passing out”. Sleep with one eye open

Hey! This one works for both Boys and Girls! Wanna have some fun with someone (guy, girl, guy/girl, girl/guy, dykes, fairies, freaks, hairies …whatever you are into)? Stop by the store and get an ice pic. Place the unopened package in plain view, being one of the first things (whoever) lays focus upon entering the room

Now then – don’t wait for (whoever) to bring it up…just pick up the Unopened Ice Pick, present the Unopened Ice Pick to (whoever) and calmly request:

If you have any intentions of killing me, please use this brand new Unopened Ice Pick. That set of Wolfgang Puck Deluxe set of knives set me back Four Hundred Bucks! I’d prefer not to have them ruined”

Good luck! BOSS said “we skew younger”. FLEA: “most of my skew has one foot in the grave and the other one on a banana peel”. So maybe some of you younger readers should wait to use the above until you hit yer 30’s. Or just save yer money and get a robot girlfriend. All the rage and the price is going down to market to the horniest, broke clientele

Look at the Grouchy Old Man FLEA. You’ll get more of that down below with FLEA ADVICE. I’d tell you to get of my lawrn, but you wouldn’t get through the gate. All I’m saying is…I’ll say it below. Scroll, scroll scroll

Long story short…I don’t really care for Women’s Wrestling


Thanks to everyone for the comments. Quick hits:

No, no plans for an IWC 100. I couldn’t make a list of 3…it’s not the same game

The Wrestling Dead Pool is still alive, but nobody’s dying (well, not the names on the list anyway). But it’s still early and the guys are hitting mid 50’s. Or Older! No new entries allowed, but the Dead Pool is still going and I’ve kept the emails (at that time?) of those who participated

Maybe, when yer family puts you in a foul, decrepit old folks home that provides the scum of the earth to take care of you…well, from yer good old friend Fleabag, you’ll get a Card and 20 American Dollars (provided that is still the currency) that may arrive in time (provided yer Family didn’t get it first) for you to pay the Gorilla of a Grandson of yer roommate in the Old Folks Home a DoubleDime to throw the cocksuckers through as many windows as they can


What a bunch of bullshit. I like reading it, especially when Meltzer lays waste to the trolls. But as far as posting? Not my thing…I do better rambling and you can’t do that in whatever many characters they are giving…I’ll link there, but come here if you want the rest of the story, Paul Harvey


If you are between the ages of 18-28 and you want to make something of yer life, you know, be somebody, Please Calm Down Immediately. Quit with the “HAWR! This will be funny on (choice of social media)!” Watch the Supreme Court nomination process,, that’ll scare you straight…

GENX last will be the last to claim foggy memories and hearsay. Youse all are just fucked

People younger than 30ish have only gotten dumber with posts and pics. Getting busted for saying Nword while quoting a rap song. Frat Party rapes. Drunk posts detailing yer proclivity for carnal relations with barnyard animals. It all adds up. Quit now while yer ahead 

It’s not Paranoia now… they really are watching
That’s it for now. The 30 Day Challenge starts October First. I’m yer Great Pumpkin
Thanks for Reading!
FLEA OR @ryderfakin
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