DVD Review – American Horror Story: Cult


Fargo may get more credit for being able to take the concept of an overarching theme connecting unrelated seasons of a show but arguably American Horror Story has done it better. It’s one thing to take one genre (crime) and find different aspects of it to focus. Taking a different subgenre of horror and running with it each season, with a new cast, is genuinely challenging to do.

And then Trump happened.

This season of American Horror Story follows the aftermath of the 2016 election and a cult that comes into a small town. Shenanigans ensue and like everything that tackles things that are Trump related, even tangentially, this is easily the weakest season show for it. The inclusion of Trump’s election as a driver is a crutch and a fairly lackluster story is given more heft because of Trump than it deserves.

It’s like Reign Over Me with 9/11 as a plot device to give Adam Sandler a shortcut to character sympathy. It doesn’t do much but give an easy thing to mash your teeth about throughout.

Nothing substantial.

20th Century Fox presents American Horror Story: Cult Starring Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson, Billie Lourd and Alison Pill. Run Time: 509 minutes Not rated . Released on DVD: 9.18.18

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