WWE Legends Edge & Christian Examine NXT And Independent Stars


Tag team icons Edge and Christian looked in depth at the evolution of NXT and the wrestling business. How stars like AJ Styles can jump straight to the main roster while guys like Samoa Joe and Finn Balor start off in NXT. To E&C, it all depends on the individual.

“I guess it just depends what the landscape looks like,” Christian said. “The NXT thing is kind of the thing to do now when you come in, right? There is a few guys that pass through that like an AJ Styles, but you look at a guy like Samoa Joe, or Finn Balor, or those types of guys that went to NXT and had strong runs and got their feet wet so to speak and moved on and are doing really well. I think I would have liked to have experienced the whole NXT thing.”

“I think it could be a different answer on how far you got,” Edge replied. “Like, for example AJ Styles, he is very well established, very well known. He had a name that was very well known. I would think outside of WWE his might be the most outside recognized wrestling name in the world. Samoa Joe as well. He could have debuted straight to Raw or SmackDown absolutely,” Edge said. “I think because it happens less now, but when AJ Styles came out during the Royal Rumble it was an amazing reaction and that to me would be how I would want to do it because I want to hear that giant roar. They still have set it up when people make their bones in NXT, you have a guy like Tomasso Ciampa it is going to be huge, because he had to go there first. He went to NXT and made his bones.”

Both Edge and Christian praised Ciampa for how much he has grown in NXT, becoming a top heel in the business.

“Now, Ciampa had upped his stock so much doing what he has done instead of going to the main roster,” Christian said. “If it is a situation where it’s like, hey, if I go to NXT and can up my status before I move to SmackDown or Raw that is the smart way to go. Or, the thought process is using it as a springboard.”

“In Ciampa’s instance, he is trying to up his entire brand while raising himself at the same time,” Edge added. “He is trying to take all of that on.”

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Source: E&C Pod of Awesomeness

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