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Who is Number One? Surprised Us All !!!
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FLEA CHALLENGE DAY 1 – Favorite Wrestler
Chris Jericho!

Up until a couple of nights ago it was AJ Styles as Number One. I wrote a lot about him and was ready to go, until we went to Tampa and sawr Jericho and his band Fozzy (more on that in a bit). It got me thinking about Jericho and his career and where he is now. It’s amazing and exactly what I like about wrestling. And life. Perseverance, Mastering yer Craft and being confident enough to play yer own cards and write yer own ticket

Back in the day of doing these columns, I would refer to Jericho as “Some Other Guy”. I stole that from The Rock and it fit. They’d do just enough for him to be there, but goddamn – after his killer Y2J introduction and the interaction with Rock – you would think that would be a top slot. Instead his first feud was with Chyna, so yeah – Some Other Guy

I originally sawr Jericho on a comp tape from Japan, and then when he was in Philly for ECW. I was there all the time and liked the influx of real wrestles instead of the fucking Public Enemy and idiot Sandman He was okay, then came WCW

Jericho at that time showed me he was good as a wrestler, but not the level of Benoit, Rey Rey and Juvie (but who was?). He made up for it with promos, including his Original List (1004 holds, topping Malenko’s “Man of 1,000 holds”) Number three? ARM bar. Number 11? Arm BAR~! So he had back then the ability to think on his feet, and get anything over. He did the same with Ralphus. All for a top feud with Goldberg

Unfortunately, Goldberg had in his ear from people to not get involved with Jericho – he’s too small and you can’t sell for him. Fangol! Goldberg sold for NOBODY until Nash told him to. That’s another story

So I was happy when it was disclosed that, yes, he will no longer eat the WCW bananas, he’ll got to WWF and – HOT DAMN!, Vince will make you a Star! Which led to the killer introduction and the feud with Chyna

It wasn’t until his Last Man Standing match with HHH (after he was ignominiously relegated to the sidelines by Mick Foley for the WM 2000 match. You know, the one where Foley came back after the best retirement angle and matches EVER). Foley came back fatter, a little less ugly and stunk up the joint. I’m typing a bunch about Foley as he is the Winner of a Category, but I remember this as…pitiful. I was staying in Philly at the time of WM 2000 and that was the day they played 12 hours of the Greatest WM matches and…well, I watched with their kids all day and when it came time for the main event, everyone in the house joined in – and they all said, bar none, “Who in the hell is that Fat Bum?” I was wearing my Cactus Jack Wanted Dead t-shirt and said (pointing confidently at my chest) – “YO! He’s Cactus Jack! Bad Motherfucker!” “The Viewing Crowd? “He looks like he just woke up on a park bench!” I tried to defend, saying that’s the gimmick but when Fatso Foley when flying off the top toward Rock-E spread out on the announce table, his missed by three feet and (by his own account) about broke his sternum, I had no defense

How does that relate to Jericho? I’ve never asked and never heard him say in interviews or podcasts that he may have sawr that experience and decided to do his “retirements” or “a leave” and not come back washed up and out of shape and a determinant. It might be in his books, all of which I have downloaded for audio and am looking forward to listening. He made a fan Friday night, for good

I first started getting really into him when he got involved with HBK, throwed his monkey ass through the JeriTron and began a program that still is my one of my favorites as far as the angle and matches. I also thought “Speechless” Jericho ruled…totally different and I think that’s what turned me on…he learned to pace himself, picking his spots for maximum effect. I mean, you never want to be like Ziggler, there for ever, but stale three day old bread

A few years later, his feud with Kevin Owens topped it in certain ways. Different from the HBK feud, we started off real friendly. Fellow Canadians and Jericho got over mad the “List of Jericho”…genius. Eventually the “Festival of Friendship” turned into Owens kicking the shit out Our Man and sending him away
He appeared at the Greatest Royal Rumble and went back on tour with Fozzy. Or the other way around. I ain;t cheated with Wiki yet, And that should be a tip to all you out there – nothing is as important than a memory. Luckily for you poor sots, you got Google. Doomed 
So one night – I’m watching New Japan and out of nowhere Jericho shows up on screen, challenging Kenny Omega to a match at the New Year’s Tokyo Dome. That match showed the new side of Jericho, which, to Jericho’s admission, was patterned after Bruiser Brody as a “free agent” along with a new brawling style and instantly hooked me again. That match was probably my favorite of the year, until the Tanahashi run at G1 this year. More on that later, as well

Jericho would later attack Naito leading to another top notch match, the ending being Jericho winning the the IGWP Intercontinental championship. He’s said he’ll defend it when and if he wants to. Brody thorough and through and I love his new approach to the psychology of his game

He attacked Omega at All In, doing the “lights go out and I’m the other guy”, in a mask and went about shoving it up the old Culo. From all accounts, he will face Naito at the Toyko Dome New Years Day show and maybe Omega at MSG? I really think that one should be Omega vs. / Tanahashi, but that may be Tokyo Dome …oh man. Who knows? This Long Beach show blew my mind as far as possibilities – it may be a different game, with Vince throwing money around. The only thing I’ve known in my life is that you do need money to participate. Unless you are a Trust Fund PUSSY that’s afraid not only to play pool for money…or gamble. Shit Heads like that wouldn’t bet an ant could eat a bail of hay
It’s another thing to have a talent that transcends money. If you do what you love for a living and it makes you money, then you are an Artist. I see Artist these days, from a ton of guys in wrestling and if yer making a living…hey out there, once upon a time it was all about the Monday Night Wars. Go back and look at those shows – horseshit wrapped up in a chicken, stuffed into a turkey and then let on fire. ANY show beats that 
Glad to see Wrestling in the Hands of Artists
So – Jericho is doing one of the best promotional gimmicks I’ve ever seen. A cruise! Combing some Rock n Roll, a few comedians and wrestling you’ll only see of yer on the cruise. Fun fact, I heard Jericho on Meltzer saying they will be taking away phones and any other kid of video equipment that ain;t there own, to provide the matches when the times comes. I will be there and if he’s nice enough, I’ll jam with Fozzy. Not piano, but a gee-tawr. I know most of his songs, but if I had the chance, I’d have us do Night Train by GNR. Or maybe a good old one from Iron Maiden. I’ll be there so you never know. Just a brilliant way to think out side of the box and make, what I consider an added piece for the wrestlers who want top have a career without bowing to WWE. There is a fan base, worldwide, that is there to be cultivated. Anything positive to promote is aces in my book. Forward Thinking. And if you are going on the cruise, send me a note @ryderfaklin . And don;t look for no fat guy in a Cactus shirt – one time I met @CRZ and his eyes popped out when he said “goddamn I thought you’;d be fat!” . C’mon. The only fat I had was a little beer belly, you know just enough shed to cover my tool. I’ve got a swimmer’s body now…which comes from swimming. Or maybe it’s liver failure. I ain;t turned yellow yet. But I’ll be there on the cruise!

Result – as much as I love AJ, Jericho has made himself a big fan over the years and I think he is…of course he can’t keep up with the agility and athletic ability of an Omega, Okada or Naito (kinda like Benoiit, Rey Rey and Juvi in WCW), but he adjusted his style to make it new and over and just fantastic. THAT’S why he’s Number One. Jericho is writing his own ticket and seems to be insistent on making a good match, with proper playing of the cards, should be off the charts… Hell, this whole Rasslin thing is about is by actuating positives and hiding the weakness. Paul E taught us that. All the best wishes to Chris Jericho. Great Fozzy concert – and to think? Once upon a time, early with Fozzy, he started out as as a gimmick cover band, which I thought was okay, but still kind of weak metal. He went on the Howard Stern show, with originals under his belt, challenging a Battle of the Bands vs. Howard Stern and the “Losers”

Howard, Fred, Stuttering John and Scott the Engineer made up the Losers. Also included on drums was:

Richard Christy – Drums. Here’s a quick story. Christy was the drummer in the late 90’s for the metal band Death, from Orlando. During the 80’s and in the world of Death Metal, Death was one of the most influential and, in my opinion, the tops, even though that may not be high praise, because I think most of it sucks. Hard. But Death was cool, probably because –

In the small world department, a good friend of mine dated the lead singer Chuck Schuldiner around that time, up until his Death (hawr). I partied a lot and jammed some (somehow my piana playing didn’t fit in)..until I taught Chuck an old 60’s song in minor keys. I’m pretty sure my arrangement of that song was later STOLEN by someone. Not to name names, but there was one guy at the party that released a version later with his own band

Anyway, Richard would be at the parties and just be – weird. And believe me, there was an amalgamation of of creepy, weird metal heads that would be living in their parents basements, but we don’t have basements in Florida. So, they would just show up to parties. Would have been a total sausage fest, but the guys in the band’s old ladies would go and troll for “pussyfortheparty”. Damn Straight. But I already had a chick, so it was more vicarious than participation. Richard would never participate, or even socialize. He’s spend most time sitting by himself, or hanging with the cat who pretending to be the band’s drug dealer but was more of a punk who sold bad weed and cut cocaine. That guy was a fuck. But Richard was cool and I’d always go out of my way to bullshit with him. Good guy, but just embarrassingly shy, and super introverted. Not a problem, many are like that. You might be like that. But, when he he got back behind the drum set and he turned into a monster

One of the best metal drummers I’d ever heard and for all his shyness and introversion, he ended up on the Howard Stern show, literally and figuratively show his cock and ass to millions. I sent him a note after Chuck died and later congratulated him on the the Stern job. I ain’t even thought about any of this in Ages, until my way home from Fozzy. Just one of those small world stories

OK – so Jericho and Fozzy appeared on Stern and played a good, original song. They were the only band to get a thumbs up (only one of three, but everyone else got skunked) from the judges. For me, they were too much like “pretend” – they know the notes but haven’t got the feel. Jericho would later fix that, but that day they lost to Stern, singing a Fred Norris arranged “Old Man”, by Neil Young. There’s a guy – Fred Norris – a beautiful musician, I had a chance to jam with him a few times- just amazing. He may never get his due, because Stern is the show…but Fred has never failed to bring it

That was probably 20 years ago. Seeing Fozzy the other night makes me see how far Jericho has come as a performer, musician and, above all, to us Catfish…not the best in the business for ability, but the reinvention of style along with the growing of places to ply a craft makes him the top in the game right now

As believe me – until riding home jamming to Jericho. AJ was the man. He ain’t now, or anytime soon. Bummer he’s just another victim of WWE bad booking and finishes

* * * * *

Alright! That went well. Having my shit together with Number One being AJ was shot to hell. That’s okay, I sure I made the right choice
Someone to Watch
My main man right now is NXT Champion Tommasso Ciampa. If I could be a wrestler that would be it (except Tanahashi, but I doubt I’d want to jump around that much). Ciampa has a Great look, Great matches and PERFECT entrance music – NONE. Like Harley. Not to mention, HHH loves him. That won’t hurt. And like Jericho, I’ve followed Ciampa for years and have got into him harsh over the last year or so – let’s be honest – much of the appeal and goodness of his matches were with Gargano, who is the best babyface in the country – as his foil. I’m looking forward to what he does with Allister Black and eventually guys like Keith Lee and Matt Riddle
Let me say this – unless you want to move to Japan…Orlando, Florida (and Surrounding Areas) is the best place in the country for wrestling. NXT and Full Sail with cards around the area. I sawr Riddle live vs. Ohno (Chris Hero) who is so way phenomenal working any style. Riddle has “IT”, a term that remains undefined, you just kinda know it when you see it. It will come across on TV. I sawr the girls get wet and the guys go nuts. That’s kinda the effect yer looking for, for a guy like that. Soon to be a Big Star. I’d say Ohno, too…but I believe he is better served in NXT, making these guys bring out the best. That’s the type of guy you want to have around, just a total all around worker
We used to have a saying for that many years ago. They were called “Jobbers to the Stars “. That something missed these days, with the half – half booking and bad finishes. He’s doing just fine. I think
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Alright! That went well for Day One! Up next is Favorite Female Wrestler. I done talked about that, ain’t happening… brief and then something else
Anything you out there want to hear about on October Second? The floor is yers. Maybe a recap of the Long Beach show last night. What a Tag match. And an interview by Omega. Let me know @ryderfakin Or ryderfakin@yahoo.com

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