Pull List Roundtable 10/3/2018 – Lollipop Kids #1, Witching Hour #1, Shatterstar #1 & More


James Fulton

This is an insanely small week for me, with only five books on my list – Deathstroke, Paper Girls, Walking Dead, Star Wars, and Die! Die! Die!

I’m thinking about getting the latest Umbrella Academy miniseries, but I don’t really like Gerard Way’s writing. If I get it, it’s because of the art by Bá or Moon (I’m not sure which one is doing this).

I’m also thinking about checking out Shatterstar #1 – I generally like Tim Seeley’s writing, and the covers for this series are great, but I think it might make more sense to wait for this one…

Mike Maillaro

  • What If Spider-Man and What If X-Men – What If was one of the first Marvel comics I read regularly, so I always support when Marvel brings it back. I would love a new ongoing What If series!! The two we are getting this week are “What If Flash Thompson became Spider-Man?” and a wild looking X-Men story set in a cyberverse.
  • Superior Octopus #1 – Doc Ock is back trying to play hero. I really enjoyed his story in Spider-Geddeon #0, so I am looking forward to seeing what he can do in his own series. I do we have had a few too many Spider-crossovers in recent years, but I still want to see how this all plays out.
  • X-Men Black Magneto #1 – I really read this title completely wrong and was very confused. Apparently it should say something like X-Men Black – Magneto, which has a far different connotation. Maybe that’s just me…
  • Nightwing #50 – Huge changes in store for Nightwing this week! In Batman #55, he took a bullet to the head. He seems to have survived, but that is going to have some huge ramifications in both this book and Batman #56 which is also coming out this week.
  • Batman/The Maxx – Arkham Dreams #1 – I am a huge Maxx fan. In fact, I got a love letter to my now wife published in the back of the original Maxx #25. The book was always so trippy and surreal. I am always happy to get more Maxx, and it has been far too long.
  • Infinity Wars Sleepwalker #1 – I started reading comics in the 90’s, so I love when Marvel brings back characters like Sleepwalker and Darkhawk. This doesn’t seem to be one of the “Infinity Warp” books where Gamora cut the population of the Universe in half by basically combining two people into one new being, so I am real curious what role Sleepwalker has in Infinity War.
  • Wonder Woman/Justice League Dark – Witching Hour #1 – I have to admit, I wasn’t sure that Wonder Woman would be a great fit for Justice League Dark. It just felt like a creep trick to try and bring sales in for a book that has never really been one of DC’s top books. BUT, she has been terrific and Justice League Dark has been by far my favorite book to come out of No Justice. Looking forward to this crossover.
  • Lollipop Kids #1 – It feels like I say this pretty much every month, but another new series from After Shock that caught my eye. But again, THIS SOUNDS AWESOME! “When immigrants came to the new world they didn’t only bring their hopes and dreams, they also brought their MONSTERS. Years ago, early setters locked these monsters away in a secret prison deep in the woods of New Amsterdam so that they never would return to the Old World again. Those woods have since become Central park and now, the monsters have escaped! Nick, a 14-year-old Harlem resident, finds out that he is a “legacy” to a secret society, that for the last four hundred years has kept these monsters in check. Now Nick and a ragtag group of kids just like him have to put the monsters back before they get out of the park and destroy the city.”
  • Walk Through Hell #5
  • Archie #699,
  • Adventures Of The Super Sons #3 (Of 12)
  • Dreaming #2
  • Green Arrow #45
  • Green Lanterns #56
  • Justice League #9
  • United States Vs Murder Inc #2 (Of 6)
  • DuckTales #13
  • Magic Order #4 (Of 6)
  • Spawn #290
  • Asgardians Of The Galaxy #2
  • Champions #25
  • Cosmic Ghost Rider #4
  • Doctor Strange #6
  • Shatterstar #1 (Of 5)
  • Star Wars #55
  • Tony Stark Iron Man #4
  • Typhoid Fever Spider-Man #1
  • Weapon H #8
  • Weapon X #24