DC Comics Universe & Wonder Woman & Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1 Spoilers: Wonder Woman’s Secret History Is Really, Really Dark As X-Over Begins!

DC Comics Universe and Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour #1 Spoilers follows.

Wonder Woman’s Secret History Is Really, Really Dark As X-Over Begins!

The book opens in the past with Wonder Woman secret history revealed…

…particularly how she got the Goddess of Magic Hecate’s branding on her forehead!

Wonder Woman briefs the Justice League that magic is broken in the DCU!

However, she keeps the revelation of her magical branding, and the powers tied to it, from her Justice League colleagues despite her other team the Justice League Dark knowing about it; Batman still suspects something is up.

We also see Hecate whisper something to each member of teh Justice League; they won’t interfere with what is to come.

We get a look at a potential ally for the Justice League Dark in their Witching Hour dilemma, but the Midnight Society…

…also has someone with Hecate’s branding and she…

…destroys two save for Nightshade and Traci 13 who escaped.

With the dominos fallen, Hecatse makes her prescence felt with teh Justice League Dark as Wonder Woman’s sister form is activated!

Hecate explains she was witchmarked…

…as teh Justice League Dark escape Hecate and Wonder Woman! They find a very much alive John Constantine who…

…can always summarize a situation and even find time to take some personal advantage.

The Witching Hour event has begun!

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