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Hey there! I’m FLEA. Today we have Day Four – Favorite Tag Team. As this seems to be a more ambiguous category – unlike Wrestler, I ain’t got a choice of favorite now or all time


So what I’ve done today is make a list of my favorites throughout out the years…no particular order except the one in my head. Using modern technology I will also provide links to matches from said tag team. My favorites. I never got a chance to do this back in the day…the old WWW hadn’t made it that far


But now it has – and instead of goofing off at work READING, you can now watch the video. You do have yer porn settings off, right? I never know – people these days are squirrel-eee


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C’mon, let’s GO!




As mentioned, no particular order. Team and Favorite Match. I’d like to know yer opinion. Result tomorrow. Like Dancing with the Stars. Without the dancing. You need to vote!


The British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith)


Favorite Match: WWE Tag Team Championship – Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine vs The British Bulldogs, Wrestlemania 2.


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Maybe not the best match (I’m saving that for Hart Foundation), but one of the last big shows you will see Davey and Dynamite (specifically Dynamite) in good shape. Dynamite even took a crazy bump off the second rope to the floor that the cameras missed. What’s worse? Taking that bump on a worldwide PPV and no one seeing it because Kevin Dunn didn’t have his shit together, or doing the same bump in front of 29 fans in an Armory. Ask the Kid


The Hart Foundation (Bret “Hitman” Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart)


Bret was learning and would go on to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. Anvil was Anvil. You know what yer getting and he always delivered


Favorite Match: Hart Foundation (Bret “Hitman” Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart) vs British Bulldogs (Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith) 7.13.85


I had no idea this was on You Tube. Somebody must have ripped it off the Bret Hart DVD. Great example of what both teams were at the time…Bret was amazing, as was Dynamite


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Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson


Favorite Match: Barry Windham and Lex Luger vs Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard – Clash of the Champions Numba One!


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Yes, Lex was pretty damn great once. Barry was one of my favorites back in the day. I remember riding the bus to school, I guess I was about 14. Yeah, that’s right. This cute 17 year old chick didn’t have her Daddy’s T-Bird, so she had to ride the bus with the rest of us unwashed masses. As therapy, I guess, she had a 200 page, College rule notebook, which read “I LOVE BARRY WINDHAM” on every line, on every page. Over and Over again. Yep. And Napalm Sticks To Children, too. Fucking Weirdo. And that’s coming from ME!


The Midnight Express (Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton)


Favorite Match: The Southern Boys (Tracy Smothers and Steve Armstrong) vs The Midnight Express – WCW Great American Bash 1990


Stan was Smooother than Tennessee Whiskey and Beautiful Bobby was probably in anyone’s Top 5, at the time, in the World. Smothers was no one to sneeze at and – I liked Brad Armstrong better, but Steve was great. Classic example of what was called “Southern Tag Team Wrestling”. Add Cornette to the mix…I should calm down. Another match I ain’t seen in years. Just amazing, especially if you’ve been queered on WWE tag action lately. And really, I’d rate this match against any tag match, with one exception. That will be in the New Japan section

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The Hardys (Matt and Jeff Hardy)


I’m glad I got a chance to grow old with Matt and Jeff. It’s been weird sometimes. Matt more than Jeff. Happy they got one last run. Matt is moving backstage and I’m sure Jeff will continue to be a great guy to wrestle, the crowd loves him and (unless he’s fucked up on drugs, which he ain’t no more)  he’ll make you’ll look great. I hope Jeff he rides off into the Sunset, on his own terms


Favorite Match: Edge and Christian vs. Hardy Boys, Ladder Match for the right to Terri Runnels as a manager, No Mercy 1999


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The Dudleys


What’s to say – the most decorated Tag Team in History. In ECW, Bubba cut the best promos on the fans, whether it was a in front of a hundred or a thousand. I wish they would have let him do that in WWE. Instead they killed themselves in crazy gimmick matches. D’Von was great, too. Just a bad motherucker.


Here’s something featuring Bubba. What a Cock. Beautiful


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Favorite Match: The Dudley Boyz Vs. The Hardy Boyz Vs. Edge & Christian (TLC II – WWE WrestleMania X7)


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The Rock and Roll Express


Ricky sells, Robert gets a Hot Tag. It ain’t Rocket Science


Favorite Match: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs The Midnight Express (WCW WrestleWar 1990)


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The Road Warriors


Best entrance (Iron Man, Black Sabbath) and Best in Yer Face, ‘fuck you we’s about to kick the dogshit out of you’ attitude. LOVED watching them throw the old men in the AWA around – the Cheesehead Beer Drinkers in the crowd had probably never seen Crusher off his feet, let alone Press Slammed


Favorite Match: Terry and Dory Funk vs The Road Warriors, 9.30.87 (WWC)


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How about we recap this one!


Here come the Funks – entrance music is “Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys” As mentioned, Foley is my favorite but Jesus I do love me some Terry Funk. Funk goes apeshit, throwing chairs, threatening fans. Quality Entertainment.  It’s actually military guards keeping an eye on things. I wouldn’t pull a knife on Funk. Terry goes wild some more, throwing a chair, and ashtray and some guys shoe into the ring. “Ironman” plays and the Road Warriors don’t even wait for the POP. Hawk and Animal clear the ring. Terry, outside, during the introductions, is badmouthing the cameraman and making  various unveiled threats, like the dude stole his truck. And Dog. Terry chucks a chair at Hawk as catfish bait, hoping to draw the Warriors to the outside, but The RW ain’t trying to hear it


Into the ring, we start off with Animal and Terry. Terry pulls back and tags Dory.  So Animal backs up and tags Hawk. Dory into the ropes, Hawk catches him with the press slam and a couple kicks to Dory’s bald head, as he bails out to regroup. Tag to Terry


Hawk works him over in the corner whips Terry toward the opposite corner and Terry turns upside down for – either the Flair Flip or the Harley Race bump, but NO! He Flops on the top rope and straddles himself belly first over the other top rope. And Wham! Hawk with a big boot right in the stomach and Terry goes flying. So that’s where HBK stole that move! Terry in the ropes for the old Weeble Wobble, with each Wobble being a punch in the face. Headbutt by Hawk takes care of that, as Terry flops to the floor. Terry’s taking his time getting back in the ring…tag to Dory and Tag to Animal. Dory gets him in the corner hits a series of his patented European uppercuts. Animal cuts him off and send Dory into the ropes. Big Flying Tackle block…Dory rolls away and tags in Terry. Animal tags in Hawk. Maybe Terry will be a bit smarter this time. Or crazier. Funk cuts him off and takes over


Funk with the with a Front FaceLock which is a guaranteed winner in a fight, they say. Worked for Jericho on Goldberg. It’s amazing how much, especially after watching the old 605 TBS shows, the Road Warriors sell (for the Funks). Just forgot what that looks like. Hawk goes up for something off the top, but bites the dust. Terry rolls Hawk to the outside and Dory jumps him. Dory with a couple chair shots across the back – but Hawk… Hawks Up! He grabs the chair from Dory and goes to work. Dory is smart enough to block the shots and run away. Terry just usually stands there and takes them and cusses back at yer Dumb Shit. As soon as I typed that, Terry takes a chair right to the face! By the way these are crappy wooden chair, not the steel metal motherfuckers, so it’s probably not that bad, I guess? That’s what Russo said. Funk with a boot and punches. Hawk is rolled back into the ring into the waiting arms of Dory. Dory goes for a pile driver, Terry climbs to the second rope and – well, it’s either the Best Meltzer Driver you’ve ever seen or the Goddamn Worst. Point of View. Total slow motion (compared to the Young Bucks – and no flip) but it accomplishes the goal and Hawk eats a head spike


Dory hits Hawk some more patented European Uppercuts. Tag to Terry, double whip into the ropes, and Hawk falls victim to the double clothesline. Weird seeing Hawk and the “face in peril”. Hawkie Morton. That ain’t even funny. Terry with the rear chinlock, working it instead of just laying there but Hawk hits a snap mare and gets a two count. Holy Shit – I just realized the Ref for this match is Bill Alfonso. How about that. Hawk fires back and gives Terry 10 turnbuckles to the head for his troubles. Terry does…the Terry Funk sell, stumbling around the ring, into the wrong corner, looking for the tag. SO awesome. He turns around just in time for a Hawk forearm, turns around into an elbow from Animal and because Terry Funk Rules, he just collapses face-first instead of feeding Hawk again – like The Horseman used to do. That’s the only bad thing I’ll ever say about Tully and Arn


Hawk with a pin attempt. Kick out. Terry back up and thinks a headbutt to Hawk will do the trick. Nope. Terry he about knocks himself, but unbelievably, Hawk sells too! Damn you just don’t get this in the jobber matches. Tag to Dory, tag to Animal.  Animal on fire, Dory into the ropes – Animal with a Dropkick! Lights out goes Dory.  Dory again into the ropes, Animal hits the big shoulder block again. Going for the pin, but Terry beaks it up. All four men in the ring, Double Team Clothesline on Dory! Terry is thrown out of the ring.  Ref Alfonso is distracted to enough for Animal to to the false pin on Dory.  Dory up for the Doomsday Device, pin attempt on Dory, but Terry cuts it off with a chair to the back. Alfonso calls for the bell and I want to scream. More action after the bell, more chairs flying and people scrambling. Animal and Hawk are pissed – they want more. Terry and Dory hit the bricks. Hey! There’s Ellering! Guess he just hung back


Yer Winners by Disqualification – The Road Warriors! Thanks a lot Bill Alfonso. Ain’t you never seen Hardcore?


I hope Bill Alfonso ends up working inside a stinky South Philly Bingo Hall, without any teeth, losing a quart of blood 100 pound woman


And I have to give credit where credit is due. I have NO IDEA how Netcop (Scott Keith) @rspwfaq or @CRZ ever did this recapping, especially as great as both did. I’d be here all week trying to do a PPV


Maybe that’s why I went the Gimmick Route


Edge and Christian


Favorite Match: Rock vs. Edge and Christian – Smackdown


  • Click HERE to view


Once again, maybe not the best, but I loved it. Couldn’t put all the TLC matches here




Chris Benoit and Y2J vs Steve Austin and HHH (WWE Raw – 5.21.01)


Once in awhile stars line up in yer direction, or corner of the world. Only bad thing was H tearing his quad, but that made for a super cool comeback. DO we still have hate for H? He is giving us NXT. I’m curious about that


  • Click HERE to view


Eddy Guerrero and Love Machine Art Barr vs El Hijo del Santo and Octagon, Hair vs Mask Match – When Worlds Collide 11.6.94


Fantastic. As much as love I have for Eddy, I really wish Love Machine would have not been such a fuckup, I think he’d been great on a big stage. Same way I think of Gino Hernandez. Moral of the story? You don’t have to say no to drugs (or whatever vice), but you need to know when it’s enough. It can’t always be 25 or 6 to Four


  • Click HERE to view


And click HERE for a jam. FLEA don’t let you down


That’s it for now. Who do YOU think is Number One? Let me know @ryderfakin or ryderfakin@yahoo.com


Up tomorrow – Favorite Faction. That’s another fish in a barrel


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