Bullet Club To WWE In 2019? Cody Rhodes Says Its Possible


Cody Rhodes is man with a lucky horseshoe stuck up his…

Cody Rhodes is a spoiled rich kid who’s been handed…

Cody Rhodes would never be over if it wasn’t for his dad or brother…


Cody Rhodes is the hardest worker in the room and deserves all the acclaim and reward he’s been denied for years. The “American Nightmare” may be a lot of things but he’s never apologized for being who he is, always does what has to be done and can’t be bothered speaking anything but the truth. So when he sat down with reporters after his IWGP United States Championship win, Cody was ready to dish (honestly) about WWE, Bullet Club and his future.


If he sees himself returning to WWE at some point:

“It’s kind of a tricky subject because I had a great time in WWE,” Cody said. “There were highs and lows but I cut my teeth there. I met my wife there.

“Everyone has different opinions and it’s hard to get the opinion of someone when it’s, ‘Hey what do you wanna do? What is the next thing you wanna do?’ There’s five of us that’s a core unit that plan to stick together and hopefully we can really do that. I don’t want to make any judgments as I’ve had a great time with these guys. I’d like The Elite to continue and I’d like to bring you guys something like an All In sequel.”

The new stability of being an independent wrestler in the sport of pro wrestling:

“In 2019 there’s more wrestlers with no fear than ever before,” Cody stated. “I don’t fear anything. I don’t fear Vince McMahon. I don’t fear Triple H. I don’t fear Hunter [Johnston] from ROH. I don’t fear Gedo from [New Japan]. I do the best job I can do and the guys I link up with do it the exact same way. And I think that’s good for wrestling.”

On winning titles & future of the Bullet Club:

“Well my own promotion is still ROH. I know the big what-to-do is, oh, January 1 we are going to show up on WWE… Pretty possible,” Cody said referring to the fact that he’s a free agent come January 1, 2019.

“But my own promotion is still ROH and I love ROH. The ROH world champion, Jay Lethal, if you recall my very first match [at Final Battle 2016]: Jay Lethal, Hammerstein Ballroom. Just beat the hell out of him. Just embarrassed him. The whole franchise act – whack, whack, whack, Cross Rhodes 1-2-3. Wouldn’t that be something?”

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Source: WrestlingINC