Marvel Comics Universe & Infinity Wars #4 Spoilers: Infinity Warps Untangled As The Threat(s) To Defeat Requiem / Gamora Revealed?!

Marvel Comics Universe and Infinity Wars #4 Spoilers follows.

Infinity Warps Untangled As The Threat(s) To Defeat Requiem / Gamora Revealed?!

We open with the storyline catch-up and creators’ page plus…

…plus a breakdown of the Infinity Stones and who has each of them.

Loki is recruiting the Infinity Warps amalgam of Wolverine / Emma Frost, but the Devondra strikes; its a soul eater.

This Wolverine / Emma Frost summons his future self where he will be possess the omnipotent Phoenix Force.

That future self brings an Infinity Stone, the power one, from this new world to augument the telephaty of the Emma Frost 1/2 of the amalgam. However, I am bit cobfused since the book opens with a page that says Gamora / Requiem has all the Infinity Stones yet she is looking for one mid-issue saying she only has five of them. So, is this the real Power Stone? Possibly

He also seperates Wolverine and Emma Frost…

…who takes the stone from Loki.

They track down Kang and then seperate him from Ms. Marvel.

They then recruit Little Monster and…

…seperate Hulk from Ant-Man.

The Hulk is needed and Adam Warlock also enters the fray against Devondra.

However, Emma Frost uses the stone and calls out to many Infinity Warsps heroes to join them in their fight against Devondra whose silk can create new realities.

The book ends with Gamora / Requiem feeling restrictions on her omnipotence…

…still seeing and talking to her dead father Thanos as…

…the Watchers emerge to seemingly to interfere with Gamora / Requiem’s plans?

Checklist follows for Infinity Wars.

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