Pull List Roundtable 10/10/2018: Infinity Dark #1, Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1, Spider-Geddeon #1, Red Hood Outlaw #27 & More

John Babos

9 books this week.

  • Avengers #9
  • Detective Comics #990
  • Flash #56
  • Hawkman #5
  • Ninja-K #12
  • Red Hood Outlaw #27
  • Suicide Squad #47
  • Superman #4
  • Titans #27

James Fulton

I’m only looking to get 8 or 9 books this week, but from five different publishers. One thing I love about this time is how many good comics are coming from all sorts of different places.

  • On the list this week:
  • Farmhand
  • Oblivion Song
  • Captain America
  • Iceman
  • Survival Fetish
  • The Wilds
  • Shadow Roads
  • Ninja-K

I’m on the fence for the debut of Infinite Dark, from Image/Top Cow. The premise sounds cool…

Mike Maillaro

  • Impossible Inc #2 – I really enjoyed the first issue of this fun sci-fi story from IDW. JM DeMatteis just does a terrific job with all ages books. I would definitely suggest readers check it out.
  • Moth and Whisper #2 – Another great first issue that deserves your attention. My wife has been mostly out of comics for the last few years, but she loved the first issue of this series and will be reading it going forward.
  • What If Peter Parker became the Punisher? – I am kind of surprised we never got this story before…I can’t say I have read every single issue of What If over the years, but I don’t remember seeing this before. Just seems like a real natural fit. I have just been reading Spider-Man Noir, so this is the perfect time for this comic for me.
  • X-Men Black Mojo #1 – Another comic where the title listed on the shipping release schedule suggests a very different comic to me… I actually don’t have a lot of interest in reading a comic all about Mojo, but I did enjoy the Magneto story last week, so I will probably end up picking this one up, even though I had fallen way behind on my X-Men books the last few months.
  • Wonder Woman #56 – Witching Hour continues! I actually love these mini-crossovers DC has been doing lately. It’s a nice way to put some focus on books without dragging every series into it. There was a lot of good build up to this story, and I am really curious where it goes.
  • Red Hood Outlaw #27 – Red Hood has been great since DC Rebirth. I was a little disappointed that the last issue of Batman showed Penguin was still alive, which makes a lot of what happened in Red Hood the last few months seem strange (Jason Todd supposedly killed Penguin after finding out Penguin killed his father, which caused Batman to attack Jason and force him into exile). Just seems like a weird editorial choice…
  • Cursed Comics Cavalcade #1 – I love these holiday anthology books we get from Marvel and DC, but the price is always so absurd. $10 is a huge ask. I would rather them do three or four smaller releases to let me choose from.
  • Spider-Geddon #1 – Still not sure we need another massive cross-reality Spider-Man crossover. I get that they are trying to capitalize on the Spider-Verse movie coming out over the holidays, but I really can’t imagine that will send a lot of people rushing to comics shops to pick this up. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the last few Spider-Events, but this just seems like one too many, and the lead ins did little to convince me otherwise.
  • Hot Lunch Special #3
  • Detective Comics #990
  • Superman #4
  • Last Space Race #1
  • Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers #13
  • Catwoman #4
  • Flash #56
  • House Of Whispers #2,
  • Plastic Man #5 (Of 6),
  • Scooby Apocalypse #30
  • Suicide Squad #47
  • Titans #27
  • Bully Wars #2
  • Kick-Ass #8
  • Amazing Spider-Man #7
  • Avengers #9
  • Ben Reilly The Scarlet Spider #25
  • Captain America #4
  • Domino #7
  • Exiles #9
  • Immortal Hulk #7