Backstage News On Bobby Lashley Heel Turn




Word coming out of Monday Night RAW this week is that Bobby Lashley’s heel turn was decided on that day.

According to reports, WWE officials had been talking about turning Lashley recently with the lack of effective, full-time heels on the RAW roster. Add to that Kevin Owens going down with an injury and the decision was made to turn Bobby sooner rather than later. The timing also worked well as Creative needed a way to write Kevin Owens off of television due to his knee injuries and Lashley was the perfect person to do that.

It was also noted that Lashley’s new manager/”hype-man” Lio Rush had an earpiece in during his segment on RAW so that Vince McMahon could feed the new manager lines.


{Ed. Note: I thought it was interesting how the WWE seemed to play up the babyface reaction Owens was getting, complete with his use of the Stunner, which he’s added the past couple of months. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried KO out as a babyface upon his return to action. – MJH}

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter