A2Z Analysiz: Bound for Glory 2015 (EC3, Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy)


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Cabarrus Arena – Charlotte, NC – Sunday, October 4, 2015

Josh Mathews and D’Angelo Dinero are on commentary.

~MATCH #1~
TNA X Division Champion Tigre Uno defeats Andrew Everett, DJ Z and Manik in an Ultimate X match at 8:59 to retain the title. Uno has been the Champion since 6.24.15, and this is his fifth defense. I didn’t realize there was a period of time where Manik wrestled without the mask on, so I’m really not sure why he isn’t just TJ Perkins, but hey, it’s TNA. The action is fast and furious here, with all four men flying around, showing off their skills. In the end Uno and Everett wind up on top of the cables near the belt, and Uno kicks Everett in the head to knock him all the way down, and Uno retrieves his title to retain. There wasn’t much rhyme or reason to it, but all four men worked hard and did what they could with what little TNA gives them.
Rating: ***

For some reason, Shane Helms comes out after the match and stares Uno down, and then raises his hand. Wow, what a special endorsement.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III then comes out to cut a promo in front of the live crowd, complaining that tonight’s title match is a three-way instead of a singles match, but promising to win anyway. Yes, they used PPV time for that.

~MATCH #2~
Tyrus won the 12-man Bound for Gold Gauntlet Battle Royal at 24:30. Mr. Anderson is #1, and “The Man” Jessie Godderz is #2. Not much happens and Eli Drake is out at #3, and Al Snow of all people is the #4 entry. No eliminations yet as Aiden O’Shea is #5. Next up at #6 is Robbie E, former X Division, Television, and Tag Team Champion. Now eliminates Drake as Mahabali Shera is #7. Shera’s music continues to play and he gets everyone in the ring to do whatever his little dance is called. The fighting resumes and Shera eliminates O’Shea. Tyrus is #8. Chris Melendez is #9. Tyrus gets rid of Snow, Melendez, and Shera in short order. Tommy Dreamer is entrant #10, for some reason. Dreamer is leeching heat from the recently deceased Dusty Rhodes here. Abyss is #11, and he’s done very well in matches like this in the past. The final entrant at #12 is D’Angelo Dinero, who gets up from the announce table and eliminates himself rather than square off with either Abyss or Tyrus. Speaking of those two monsters, Tyrus eliminates Abyss. Godderz brings E to the apron and is able to eliminate his former partner. Anderson hits Dreamer with the Mic Check and dumps him out. Anderson dishes out another Mic Check, this one to Godderz, and then throws him out. We’re down to Tyrus v Anderson in a regular match now. Anderson tries to clothesline Tyrus to the floor but he can’t do it. Tyrus pushes Anderson off via the ICU Spike, and that gets the pin. This was the usual TNA gauntlet nonsense, with failed comedy and a winner no one wanted to see. But It’s not like there were better choice in the other 11 guys anyway.
Rating: *½

After the match, EC3 comes back out and congratulates his bodyguard. Tyrus tells the Champ that he’s coming for the title, but he still has his back.

~MATCH #3~
TNA World Tag Team Champions The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) defeat Brian Myers & Trevor Lee at 14:03 to retain the titles. Richards and Edwards have been the Champions since 9.9.15, and this is their first defense. Myers and Lee won the belts from the Wolves on September 2 and held them for one whole week, and this is their rematch. The challengers attack from behind and control most of the early going. Myers and Lee try to focus on Edwards and keep him isolated, but they can only keep that up for so long. The action gets fast and furious and the referee has a hard time keeping control. Eventually the Wolves finish Lee off, and I was hoping Wikipedia would have the name of the move they used. Instead, they call it “Vertical suplex lift by Richards followed by a superkick to the opponent’s head by Edwards followed by a Brainbuster by Richards.” This was good tag action and it would’ve been nice if Myers and Lee stuck around, but since they were part of the stupid GFW “invasion” storyline there was no drama here as they had no chance of winning.
Rating: ***¼

~MATCH #4~
TNA King of the Mountain Champion Bobby Roode defeats Lashley at 14:17 to retain the title. Roode has been the Champion since 9.2.15, and this is his first defense. The challenger uses his brute strength and Roode counters with his wrestling acumen. Lashley is no slouch as a wrestler though either, so this is a very competitive matchup. Late in the match Lashley catches Roode coming off the second rope and hits a powerslam. Lashley follows up with a Spear but Roode kicks out! That frustrates Lashley and allows Roode to pick him up for a Roode bomb, which only gets two. They trade each other’s finishers but still neither can put the other away. After a series of reversals Roode is able to hit another Roode Bomb and this one is enough to get the pin. That started somewhat slowly but they built nicely and on their way to a nice clean finish. These two are just really good and it would be hard for them to have a bad match with each other.
Rating: ***½

~MATCH #5~
TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim defeats Awesome Kong at 10:05 to retain the title. Kim has been the Champion since 9.16.15, and this is her second defense. These two have wrestled each other many, many times. That familiarity allows the two competitors to trade control in the early going, with the Champion using her speed and the Challenger using her power. After their usual, the battle spills to the floor and Kim’s husband tries to stop Kong from using a steel chair. That doesn’t work, and Kong hits the Implant Buster onto two chairs, but back in the ring that’s not enough to get a three-count. Eventually Kim is able to get in position to hit a super Eat Defeat and she rolls that into an inside cradle to get the pin and retain the title. This just lacked the spark their earlier matches had, and felt like they were just going through the motions. For a pay-per-view (a real one, not those stupid One Night Only) shows) that’s just weird.
Rating: **

~MATCH #6~
Kurt Angle beat Eric Young at 13:10 in a No Disqualification Match. Young has injured Angle’s neck with multiple piledrivers in the past, so Angle made sure to make this a No-DQ Match. Wisely, Young goes right for the weak point and hits Angle with an early Piledriver! That sends the Olympic champion rolling to the floor, where medical personnel check him out and say he cannot continue. That doesn’t work for Young though, so he brings Angle back to the ring and blasts him with a steel chair. Angle does some fighting back, but Young controls the bulk of the contest. Young continues going after the neck and tries a super piledriver, but Angle avoids it and rolls through a sunset flip right into the Ankle Lock! The determined Young makes it to the ropes but it’s No-DQ so that doesn’t break the hold. Angle holds on and Young taps out. That would’ve been a great time for Angle to put Young over since he was on his way out, but Young left the company shortly after Angle did too, so I guess it doesn’t make a huge difference. This was a solid match all in all, though not super engaging or compelling.
Rating: ***

~MATCH #7~
Matt Hardy defeats TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III (w/ Tyrus) and Drew Galloway in a Three Way Match at 20:04 to win the title. EC3 has been the Champion since 7.1.15 and this is his ninth defense. Jeff Hardy is the Special Guest Referee, and he throws Tyrus out before the match can even really begin. Hardy and Galloway both go after EC3 right from the start, which makes sense since he’s the Champ. TNA really built Galloway well leading into this title match, and then awkwardly shoehorned Matt Hardy into it at the last minute. #BecauseTNA. All three men are plenty aggressive, and referee Jeff Hardy calls it right down the middle for them. EC3 tries his best to get disqualified but Jeff won’t let it end that way. The Champ brings a chair in the ring and Jeff takes it away so EC3 slaps him. Jeff then hits EC3 with the chair and a Twist of Fate, and Galloway follows in with a Claymore. Matt then hits Galloway with a big Twist of Fate and his brother counts the pin and awards him the title. So here’s an opportunity to put Galloway over as your top guy, after months of buildup, but they went with actual Matt Hardy instead, because he lives 100 miles away from where the show took place. This is beyond a bad decision and really sullies up what was otherwise an entertaining three-way match. The action was fast-paced, the crowd was into it, and it felt like a big-time match, even with Matt out there. And then they actually had him win. It just still boggles my mind.
Rating: ***½

A2Z Analysiz
The main event was a lot of fun until the finish, and the undercard is surprisingly solid most of the way through. Five of the seven matches on the card reached three stars or higher, which is a really good percentage for TNA. But it’s same old same old as far as the booking. Real bummer to end the show.

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