Current Writing Teams For RAW, SmackDown Live And NXT


If you’re the type who likes to know who’s running what behind the scenes, here’s a rundown of the current WWE creative teams.

The current creative writing team structure for WWE is that Ed Koskey is the lead writer for RAW while Ryan Ward and Brian James are the lead writers for SmackDown Live. Joe Belcastro is the head writer for NXT and Dave Kapoor – who previously played the SmackDown TV character of Ranjin Singh, the brother of the Great Khali, is considered the show runner or “Chief of Staff.” His input is on the structure of the show and to pair up talent with specific writers. Koskey, meanwhile, is said to have the most creative input of anyone other than Vince McMahon or Triple H.

Ultimately, the buck still stops with Vince, who dictates what he wants to the team but the team “doesn’t get a lot through to him” and often aren’t even at meetings with him in Stamford. Instead, they will only end up working with him on Monday and Tuesday for Raw and SmackDown Live, respectively.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter