DC Comics Universe & Suicide Squad #50 Spoilers: Finale For Writer, But For Series As Well In January 2019?

DC Comics Universe and Suicide Squad #50 Spoilers follows.

Finale For Writer Rob Williams, But For Series As Well In January 2019?

Newsarama reports Williams as saying the following:

      Well, my run is finishing with issue #50. We’ve got an arc taking us through to the end, and I can’t say anything about that final arc.

      There’s some stuff I’m really excited about, like Boomerang getting a spotlight moment. I love writing Boomerang. I mean, he’s possibly my favorite character of the Squad.

      And then at the end, I’m trying to tie together some of the threads that I’ve left dangling throughout the “Rebirth” run. Hopefully by the end, there’s not many things that have been left unanswered along the way. If you’ve read the run all the way through and you’ve enjoyed it, you’ll find our ending quite satisfying. There will be things that you’ll recognize. That’s a little cryptic, but I hope people will enjoy what’s coming.

The end is nigh?

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