Pull List Roundtable 10/17/2018 – Shuri #1, Lucifer #1, Batman #57, Unstoppable Wasp #1, Nightwing #51 & More

John Babos

6 books this week.

  • Aquaman #41
  • Batman #57
  • Green Lanterns #57
  • Justice League #10
  • Nightwing #51
  • Teen Titans #23

James Fulton

Here’s what I’m going to pick up this week:

Black Hammer: Age of Doom, Cemetery Beach, East of West, Gideon Falls, New World, Proxima Centauri, Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses, Astonishing X-Men, Daredevil, Darth Vader, Black Badge.

I’m thinking about grabbing MCMLXXV and Submerged, but I’m not sure.

I’m very much on the fence about Shuri #1. I love the Black Panther, but hated the addition of Shuri during Reginald Hudlin’s terrible run. Ta-Nehisi Coates has made her cool again, but the solicitation text for this makes it sound like it’s moving her closer to the way she was portrayed in the film. I hate when Marvel does that…

Mike Maillaro

  • Lucifer #1 – I actually have never read Lucifer or seen the TV show. But I have been enjoying the Sandman Universe books so far, and the lead in to this definitely caught my attention so I will probably give this one a shot
  • Unstoppable Wasp #1 – I am so happy to see this book back! Nadia is one of my daughter’s favorite comic characters, and we have read every issue of her series together.
  • What If? Ghost Rider #1 – “What if Marvel Comics went Metal” is the theme for this issue. The comic just sounds nuts “You’ve only heard whispers of this real-world/Marvel Universe crossover until now, when moral decline and budgetary shortfalls have combined to lower our lawyers’ resistance! Sebastian Girner (Shirtless Bear-Fighter, Scales & Scoundrels) and Caspar Wijngaard (Angelic, Limbo, DOCTOR APHRA ANNUAL #2) recklessly bring you the tale of the first and only true Nordic black metal band to visit the Marvel Universe through the INSANITY of likeness release waivers! What role does GHOST RIDER Robbie Reyes play, and will YOUR MIND survive the BRUTALITY?!” I love What If comics, so I have to pick this one up!
  • Infinity Wars: Weapon Hex #1 – Combining Scarlet Witch and X-23 into one character? Why not! The Infinity Warps comics have not really blown me away, but they are a fun concept and comics could use more of that.
  • Batman #57 – Last issue, Batman tracked down KGBeast after Beast put a bullet in Nightwing’s head. Real curious to see what happens next with this story. I know a lot of people were turned off because the Batwedding did not happen, but the series has really picked up steam since issue 50, and it’s always one of my favorite comics every month.
  • Nightwing #51 – Weird time to read Nightwing. Benjamin Percy did issue 50 dealing with the ramifications of Dick Grayson being shot…but now Scott Lobdell and Fabian Nicieza are taking over the title. I am still a fan of both of these guys and interested in seeing where this book will go from here.
  • Teen Titans #23 – Teen Titans has been a fun read each month…I loved the surprise ending last month where Roundhouse turns out to be alive and chilling at his house. This issue they are working to stop an assassination attempt on Commissioner Gordon. One of DC’s most underrated books.
  • Mr and Mrs X #4 – Last issue we found out that Xavier and Lillandra have a child…well, egg….together. This has been by far the best X-Men title the last few months, and this is a hell of a twist. Hopefully Marvel doesn’t just drop this like they seem to do so many big potential storylines.
  • Patience Conviction Revenge #2
  • Archie 1941 #2 (Of 5)
  • Cover #2 (Of 6)
  • Green Lanterns #57
  • Justice League #10
  • Justice League Dark #4
  • Pearl #3 (Of 6)
  • Sideways #9
  • Curse Words #17
  • Hit-Girl #9
  • Astonishing X-Men #16
  • Daredevil #609
  • Life Of Captain Marvel #4 (Of 5)
  • Old Man Logan #49
  • Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #311
  • Runaways #14
  • Star Wars Darth Vader #22
  • Thor #6
  • Weapon H #9
  • Quantum And Woody #11