Marvel Comics Universe & Return Of Wolverine #2 Spoilers: Does Marvel Explain Logan’s New Costume & New Hot Claw Powers As Extermination Roars & Uncanny X-Men Disassembled Looms?

Marvel Comics Universe and Return Of Wolverine #2 Spoilers follows.

Does Marvel Explain Logan’s New Costume and New Hot Claw Powers As Extermination Roars and Uncanny X-Men Disassembled Looms?

The issue opens up with creators’ credit page and…

…a story title page, but not even the usual storyline catch-up blurb in either of the two opening pages.

The book opens with Wolverine and Ana, having escaped the prison Logan was in, after the kill squad that was there.

That killing team includes…

…Omega Red or a doppelgänger of him as well as a clawed assailant.

Wolverine and Ana dispatch Omega Red while in battle with the clawed one, Wolverine starts to remember, gets some memories back, and thinks he’s fighting Daken his son.

His hot claws manifest in battle; heat you can see after the claws are sheathed as well while they seemingly cool down.

Ana didn’t know that Logan’s claws could do that…

…as they get close to their destination while…

…elsewhere Jean Grey has located Wolverine!

The Uncanny X-Men know he’s not dead any longer!

And, no explanation for Logan’s new costume or new powers… yet.

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