Pull List Roundtable 10/24/2018: Heroes In Crisis #2, Dead Kings #1, Lodger #1, Books Of Magic #1, Infinity Wars & More

James Fulton

  • Dead Kings #1 – Steve Orlando is an interesting writer (when working on creator-owned stuff), and this new fantasy/science fiction series looks intriguing to me.
  • Lodger #1 – I’m a huge fan of David Lapham, and don’t quite know how he’s managed to write and draw another series while still working on Stray Bullets. It’s been a long time since he’s started a new series, so I’m ready for this.
  • I’m also looking forward to new issues of Aliens: Dust to Dust (finally), Beasts of Burden, Days of Hate, Die! Die! Die!, Punisher, Doctor Aphra, X-Men Red, and X-O Manowar.

Mike Maillaro

Lots going on this week…

  • Books of Magic #1 – Books of Magic is basically my sister’s all time favorite comic, so huge shout out to her on this. To be honest…I have never actually read it. BOO HISS! But I will be picking up this issue to check it out.
  • Spider-Geddon #2 – The Inheritors are back with a vengeance. We also have tie in issues with Ghost-Spider and Spider-Girls coming out this week. I have been enjoying Spider-Geddon, though I have gotten a little Spider-Event fatigue going on.
  • Infinity Wars Arachknight #1, Sleepwalker #2, and Soldier Supreme #2 – Speaking of events… Infinity Wars has a lot going on, but not sure how much it’s going to stick, so I’ve had a hard time really getting into it, even though the concept is a lot of fun.
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #32 – I hate to be a downer, but I didn’t enjoy issue 31. The new direction just feels like a huge departure from the first 30 issues. It didn’t feel like any of the characters were real fleshed out, they just drew random Power Rangers together as a team but without focusing on their actual personalities. Hopefully this series will grab me again, but last issue left me a little cautious.
  • Heroes in Crisis #2 – HOLY CRAP AT THAT FIRST ISSUE! DC really put out a hit on sidekicks (I read this right after Nightwing was shot in the head)! The first issue definitely grabbed my attention as a reader. I know a lot of people have been down on this, but I am real curious to see where this book goes!
  • Dead Kings #1 – Aftershock described this one as “True Grit set in the world of Final Fantasy.” That is a hell of a concept. Sounds like I will be picking up another Aftershock comic!
  • Beyonders #3
  • Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Coronation #8 (Of 12)
  • Action Comics #1004
  • Batgirl #28
  • Batman Beyond #25
  • Detective Comics #991
  • Flash #57
  • Justice League Odyssey #2
  • Scarlet #3 (Of 5)
  • Silencer #10
  • Terrifics #9
  • Titans #28
  • Wonder Woman #57
  • Star Trek The Next Generation Terra Incognita #4
  • Burnouts #2
  • Die!Die!Die! #4
  • Amazing Spider-Man #8
  • Moon Girl And Devil
  • Moon Knight #200
  • Punisher #3
  • Return Of Wolverine #2 (Of 5)
  • Sentry #5
  • Star Wars Doctor Aphra #25
  • What If? Thor #1
  • X-Men Black Juggernaut #1
  • X-Men Red #9
  • Shadowman #8
  • X-O Manowar #20

John Babos

8 books this week.

    Action Comics #1004
    Detective Comics #991
    Flash #57
    Heroes in Crisis #2
    (I understead this may have been moved out to next Wednesday)
    Justice League Odyssey #2
    Terrifics #9
    Titans #28
    X-Men Red #9


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