Marvel Comics Universe & X-Men Red #9 Spoilers: Rachel Grey Vs. Jean Grey As Extermination Roars & Uncanny X-Men Disassembled Looms!


Marvel Comics Universe and X-Men Red #9 Spoilers follows.

Rachel Grey Vs. Jean Grey As Extermination Roars and Uncanny X-Men Disassembled Looms!

The book opens with the dramatis personae, storyline catch-up and creators’ credits all rolled into one page; an efficient use of such a page across all Marvel titles!

Rachel Grey is on the loose…

…having been mind controlled by Cassandra Nova on her hatequest to have world turn on the “other” in a eerie mirror to modern times.

Rachel Grey vs. Jean Grey ensues, daughter vs. mother to Cassandra Nova’s amusement.

However, Jean Grey wants none of it and offers herself to Nova in exchange for Rachel Grey’s freedom.

Cassandra Nova accepts the bargain and frees Rachel Grey from her thrall…

…and Rachel Grey lashes out at Nova!

The bargain “honored”, Nova destroys Jean Grey…

…but it was a simulacrum and…

…a final battle to end this war, including with allies with Namor and Atlantis…

…is on the horizon on the road to the series finale in X-Men Red #11!

First up is next month’s X-Men Red #10.

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