Marvel Comics Universe & Spider-Girls #1 Spoilers: Spider-Geddon Roars & Brings Spider-Man / Men & Women Together! Spider-Force #1 Also On Tap!

Marvel Comics Universe and Spider-Girls #1 Spoilers follows.

Spider-Geddon Roars and Brings Spider-Man / Men & Women Together! Spider-Force #1 Also Coming!

We open with a storyline catch-up and creators’ credits page.

Earth 982’s May Parker Spider-Girl teams with Earth 616’s Anya Cortex Spider-Girl to recruit the Earth 18119’s…

… Anna May Parker Spider-Girl.

That world’s Vulture attacks them, but they are saved by that Earth’s Spider-Girl Anna May Parker, and her spider-powered parents Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson Parker.

After the battle we get introductions and a catch-up the Spider-Geddon premise.

Readers are also caught up on what’s the deal in Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows series including…

…that Spider-Girl’s heightened spidey sense which may be what’s need to stop the Inheritor’s threat to the multiverse’s spider-people.

The Spider-Girls team up while Peter and MJ join the broader Spider-Geddon fight.

Spider-Girls #1 hit stands last week while Spider-Force #1 hits stands this week.

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