Impact Wrestling 11/1/18 Recap – Pentagon Jr. battles Homicide

Last week’s Fenix vs. Johnny Impact match is recapped along with Sami destroying Trevor Lee to impress Scarlett. Tessa and Taya’s issues, Eli threatening Don, Moose and Eddie’s brawl, Allie’s dark side, and the OGz and LAX brawl. Willie Mack and Rich Swann have a friendly match, complete with Mack dancing. Mack eats a slew of kicks, but recovers and gets a samoan drop and standing moonsasult for 2. Mack lands the stunner for 2.9! Mack misses the six star frog splash and eats more kicks and beats him with a phoenix splash off the second rope! The new Desi Hit Squad with Rohit Raju and Raj Singh are out to face the Beach Bums. The Hit Squad wins with a Samoan drop and a jumping knee.

The OGz are out on the streets of New York with King talking about taking out Konnan’s boys, including his new Rey in Fenix. The history of Moose and Eddie is recapped leading to their match at Final Hour next week. Sami and OVE issued a challenge to Cage in Ohio for Rockstar Pro, before he and OVE beat up a Cage imposter and take the belt. Eli bumps into Joseph Park backstage and he asks if Eli is short for Elias – because he loves the guitar-playing guy. Eli asks if he’s still a lawyer and he says he is in seven states and Josph says they can make it a class action lawsuit before Eli says “dummy” and Park says “yeah!”. This was tremendous.

The Desi Hit Squad meeds with Scarlett before Gama tells them they can’t be thinking about girls. Gama sings to her. Scarlett asks what it means and Raju says he’s been married for 45 years, he’s 65, and his kid’s old enough to wrestle. Scarlett asks if he’s from India and he says he is – so she gets turned on asking if that’s where the kama sutra was invented. He says yes and she wants him to send a video demonstration. Taya comes out to face Tessa and Josh says that this rematch is due to the referee’s mistake of fixing the apron instead of immedially counting after the Road to Valhalla.

Tessa grinds away with an awesome curb stomp/surfboard combo. Taya escapes and lands a shotgun dropkick. Taya ducks a buzzsaw kick and lands a surfboard curb stomp. Tessa hits the ref and Taya wins by DQ, and we get a slow mo of the forearm shot barely making contact. Killer Kross talks about being the harbinger of doom, and Johnny says he’ll retain next week. Gail Kim faces Candice LeRae from Turning Point 2013 on the GWN match.

Fenix and Pentagon cut a promo on the OGz with Pentagon saying they aren’t toys in the war with Konnan. Cage cuts a pissed off promo on Sami.LAX battle Ethan Page and Matt Sydal in a super-fast paced match. Page eats a ton of offense, while Sydal makes saves. Sydal eats a powerslam/reverse cutter combo to quickly end this. Allie and Kiera Hogan chat and Kiera says she’s here for Allie. Homicide has his first major singles match in ages on Impact, and it’s a stiff chop war with Pentagon. Homicide loses via schoolboy, but the OGz jump him and take out Fenix. Kross yammers on about the doomsday clock and says doomsday is coming for Johnny next week.

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