Impact Wrestling 11/8/19 Recap – Final Hour Results

A Kross vs. Impact hype video shows Kross being scary and Impact being flashy. The OGz face the Lucha Bros. with Hernandez hitting a sloppy senton on Penta to start things off. The Lucha Bros. hit a wazzup dropkick to Homicide. Penta hits a wheelbarrow facebuster to Fenix onto Homicide to win it. This was quick, but all-action. Backstage, LAX chat with the Lucha Bros. and celebrate the win. Katarina comes out to face Jordynne Grace, who Don compares to Rhino. Jordynne throws her around and gets a quick win with an awesome-looking bearhug – very much like Bock’s when he debuted in WWE where she just thrashes her around.

OVE hatches a plot against Cage before Sami’s match with Cage at Rockstar Pro. Cage beats up OVE before facing Sami in a dimly-lit ring. He Germans OVE before throwing guys around, but the numbers game is too much for Cage. Taya talks about Tessa hitting the ref to retain the title and calls her entitled. Team Dragon Gate faces the Machine Guns in a GWN match – it’s good to see these segments used for something other than reminders of how stripped their roster is compared to what it used to be.

Moose talks about having to beat Eddie tonight because he was a brother, but now he’s not and he has to put him down. Killer Kross is his new brother and Kross says he’ll take the title off of Johnny’s waist tonight. Fallah and KM try to impress Scarlett with their matching gear and they dance around a bit and Scarlett says they should have fun next week in the city of sin. Moose comes out to face Eddie, who dives out right away to start things off. Moose destroys him around ringside with the barricade and chairs. Eddie avoids an apron bomb and gets an overhead belly to belly. Eddoe spears Moose and hits a tiger driver for 2. A chopfest breaks out that Moose wins leading to him getting a big uppercut. Eddie hits a giant lariat and goes for a flying rana, but Moose turns it into a tossng powerbomb from the ring to the ramp! Eddie recovers briefly, but falls to a spear.

The Sinister Minister talks about giving into the darkness and telling Allie she needs to heal by giving in. Kiera tries to win her back, but she leaves with him. We get a terribly-acted segment with a doctor telling Alisha to tell Eddie to not go right to sleep tonight because he might have a concussion. They rushed through all of this stuff in like five seconds at a rapid-fire pace. Eli comes out with Joseph Park and mocks him for not being dressed up. Park marks out over doing the E-li bit and talks about his brother Chris, you know, Abyss chokeslamming Eli. Eli attacks Park and beats him up with a chair.

Johnny Impact calls Kross deranged before Kross comes out with Moose. Callis says he saw a future world champion in Kross and tonight could be his night. Johnny goes up top and Kross swats him off the top to the floor. Kross lands a ramp to ring powerbomb, which would’ve been more impressive had Moose not just done that very same move in reverse, and less impressively, in the prior match. Modified Liontamer is on Johnny, who escpaes and hits a double stomp on the apron. Johnny lands a superkick and starship pain gets the win.

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